Cloud Sales Made MSPeasy: Go Vertical

Cloud Sales Made MSPeasy: Go Vertical

By Chris Brunau

Many IT service providers specialize in particular verticals, offering expertise around technology solutions for legal, medical, real estate, retail and other industries. SaaS is perfect for vertical specialization, and not just because there are vertical-oriented SaaS solutions. Cloud apps make it possible to sell ancillary micro-solutions into vertical markets that may not be possible (or cost-effective) with on-premise hardware and software.

Take, for example, a real estate firm. There are certainly a number of software solutions—SaaS and otherwise—that can aid realtors in managing home listings on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), and customer contacts through a realty-oriented CRM suite. However, if you’ve positioned yourself as the go-to MSP for realtors, you can offer ancillary SaaS solutions, like Google Voice, to make call forwarding and specialized phone answering simpler for realtors, Datto Drive for document management, or Xero for accounting. Moreover, you can offer expertise in how any of your SaaS solutions integrate with their CRM and MLS solutions.

For retail clients, consider how to create an integrated suite of SaaS solutions that bridge accounting, point of sale payments, CRM, website analytics and email marketing—all of which must communicate to give your client an accurate picture of their sales cycle.

For medical clients, many of the same concerns as above are amplified with the necessary expertise in HIPAA compliance—an area where cloud-based solutions actually excel. Legal clients have similar concerns about privacy and disclosure, and you can position yourself as the expert helping them leverage SaaS—particularly secure communications and documents sharing—with appropriate auditing and security safeguards.

As an MSP, you’re selling solutions, not software. With SaaS, you can sell a vertical solution that integrates several SaaS applications into one complete offering, and reap broader, more churn-resistant deals than you ever managed selling exclusively on-prem systems.

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