Cloud Management of Datto Networking Switch Pages Get a Facelift

Cloud Management of Datto Networking Switch Pages Get a Facelift

By Scott West

In our continuing effort to be responsive to direct partner feedback, Datto has been working to expand our switch offerings and to improve overall performance and capabilities. This improved switch performance started in May with the introduction of 10Gb SFP uplinks in the re-designed E24 switch. This new switch model was the first of many new hardware enhancements coming from Datto Networking, all to give our partners more options to serve their customers.

Recently, the Datto Networking Switch pages (those pages in our cloud management system that you use to configure and manage a switch) got a facelift. This update will improve capabilities for deployment, will provide visually appealing graphs showing traffic utilization and PoE usage, adds some important new features, and includes some awesome troubleshooting tools to help you fix problems more efficiently.

Here are the details of the updated UI:

Simplified Layout

If you are familiar with the previous switch page design, when you log in to the new UI, you will notice we’ve streamlined settings and configurations. Now, it takes fewer clicks to get things done. Everything you need is on one screen, making switch and port configuration for our partners a breeze. This new simplified design will save you time and effort when deploying, configuring and managing Datto Networking Switches.

Traffic & PoE Usage Statistics

The new traffic utilization and PoE usage graphs enable Datto Networking partners to more easily monitor network traffic and PoE usage. This enables the partner to more easily plan for capacity and will aid in troubleshooting. Graphs show overall/per-port traffic utilization, and overall/per-port PoE usage. Coming soon, the UI will also show port statistics and errors.

Connected Devices Search

The new connected devices search enables a partner to easily determine the port to which a device is connected. Search across all ports for a specific MAC address, or search a specific port to determine what is connected. This quick search streamlines the process of locating a connected device and saves the partner valuable time when performing inventory or troubleshooting an issue.

Switch Templates

Switch configurations can be saved in a template. This new feature speeds the process of deploying multiple switches with the same settings. Now, just apply the template, or copy settings from an existing switch, and you are done. Apply these templates to a single switch, or to several switches. It all saves you time and effort when deploying new switches.

Troubleshooting Tools

The Datto Networking Switch troubleshooting tools are now easier to find and use. These tools including ping, traceroute, cable diagnostics, reset port, reset link, reset PoE and reboot are all organized for simple access, saving you time and frustration. We’ve also given the tools a refresh so they are easier to use. And don’t forget about the visual cues available in the new utilization graphs. With these graphs, you can quickly spot an outage, and then use the other troubleshooting tools to dig in and figure out what is wrong.

Improved Device Information

We’ve updated the metadata available about switches to include “Added” and “First Check-in”. These data elements enable the partner to more quickly identify new switches added to a network. And while we build our products to just work, sometimes a device needs to be replaced. The new “Replace Switch” command simplifies how partners swap out a switch, maintaining all configurations and settings so the partner does not have to waste time inputting these details.

Advanced Features

In addition to giving the switch pages a makeover, we added some new features to help our partners address more client requirements. These features include:

  • LLDP-MED/Dynamic Voice VLAN - This enables the auto-configuring of a Voice VLAN for connected IP Phones
  • SNMP Traps - This features enables the sending of SNMP trap information to a network monitoring system
  • Jumbo Frames - If needed to increase performance for networked storage appliances, Datto Networking Switches now support jumbo frames

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