Client Cybersecurity Keeping MSPs Up at Night

Client Cybersecurity Keeping MSPs Up at Night

By Courtney Heinbach

People around the world are feeling the impacts of the current state of the world on a personal level, and for many, that impact reaches their professional lives as well. Thankfully, our research shows that managed service providers (MSPs) have fared better than many businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting economic crisis. MSPs kept clients’ businesses running as they worked from home, and now are guiding their efforts to return to the workplace, beef up security, and ease migration to the cloud. But that doesn’t mean everything’s peachy.

In Datto’s annual State of the MSP Report, we shared that North American MSPs recently reported the top issue keeping them up at night is client cybersecurity. This isn’t shocking as threats like ransomware have continued to exploit businesses - even in the wake of a global pandemic.

Datto’s product team is constantly working to ensure that we offer MSPs the most secure and reliable solutions to help them overcome cyber threats - like ransomware - that can cause potential downtime.

Our partner Interplay experienced first-hand the impact that a successful attack can have on a business when their client, IslandWood, fell victim to phishing.

Interplay Gets Client Back Online Minutes After Successful Phishing Attack

Interplay is a Seattle-based MSP and Datto partner and is one of the many MSPs who was able to help a client avoid costly downtime when ransomware inevitably made its way into the business. The client, IslandWood, unknowingly clicked a phishing email and was locked out of hundreds of thousands of files and folders, dating back decades. Everything had been encrypted on their main server.

An attack at this scale would have shut down their operations indefinitely and cost them an unthinkable dollar amount in ransomware money. Luckily, their data was backed up on a Datto device, making the ransomware attack a nonissue and giving them the ability to be back up and running within hours.

Stories like IslandWood's are common these days, but what isn’t always consistent is the role an MSP can play. To help you get up to speed and ensure you are doing everything you can to keep your client data backed up and recoverable in a matter of minutes, take a look at our Cybersecurity Made MSPeasy Toolkit.

The Cybersecurity Made MSPeasy Toolkit

​​It’s hard to look anywhere these days without reading some bad news about cybersecurity.

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