Choosing the Right RMM for Your Business

Choosing the Right RMM for Your Business

By Kira Pogge

We understand that today’s environment means that supporting a wide array of devices is just one of the challenges you face as a managed service provider (MSP). With remote work becoming the new normal for so many companies, there is an increasing need for a market-leading remote monitoring and management (RMM) solution to securely manage all of your clients’ endpoints while driving insight, efficiency, and profitability.

Not all RMM solutions are created equal. So how do you choose the right RMM solution to serve you and your clients best? When compared at a high level, it is understandable that the most popular RMM tools are viewed as very similar. As a result, what used to be a decision based on a tactical checklist heavy with solely technical features is changing to one focused on strategic, long-term planning, product roadmaps, and vendor relationships.

What to Look for in an RMM Tool

Consider the following criteria when evaluating RMM solutions:

  1. Your RMM vendor should be in tune with your needs and actively deliver on a clearly-communicated vision for the solution
  2. The tool should have a robust architecture that is scalable and capable of growing with your business
  3. Ideally, your RMM is enjoyable to use by everyone in your organization
  4. Possibly most important - your RMM should help keep your customers safe from persistent threats

Software as a Service (SaaS), much like managed services, is mutually beneficial to the vendor and the partner, but only as long as the relationship remains intact. SaaS software vendors who work with you to support your business, adapt to industry trends quickly, and provide clear and innovative product roadmaps offer you a more scalable experience for you and your clients as you grow. 

Download our one-pager to discover the five factors you should consider when choosing the best RMM solution for your business.

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