Cheap IT Will Cost You

Cheap IT Will Cost You

By Chris Brunau

As the saying goes, ‘you get what you pay for’.

When budgeting for your business, you’re likely trying to determine where you can and cannot afford to cut costs and save money. While you may not need everything to be top of the line, that isn’t the case for core pieces of your business like human resources, payroll, and of course, information technology.

Whether you insource or outsource your services (read here why outsourcing is the way to go), you want to make sure your system, and in turn your data, are both in the right hands.

Going the cheaper route on technology may save you money in the immediate future, but it could hurt when you need it most. Whether it comes to disaster recovery, or just keeping your system running, why would you want anything but the best?

When you account for how much the cost of downtime is, how can you afford to cut costs with something that holds so much value?

Updating software, maintaining hardware, and of course data backup can all fall under the responsibilities of IT system admins, and it’s hard to argue against the importance of any of these tasks.

According to a report from TechTarget, 4 out of 5 CIOs are focused on expanding IT to support business growth. Looking at this statistic solidifies the weight and importance that is put upon IT, proving what a crucial part it is to running an effective company, regardless of your industry.

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