Celebrating Global Diversity Awareness Month: Why Diversity Benefits Your Business

Celebrating Global Diversity Awareness Month: Why Diversity Benefits Your Business

By Kira Pogge

October is Global Diversity Awareness Month, a time to celebrate, embrace, and raise awareness around the importance of diversity. For many companies, it is an important reminder that diversity and inclusion need to be a priority and a focus on recruiting and retaining the best talent.

In fact, a 2019 study from talent acquisition company Yello revealed that 82% of survey respondents stated diversity in the workplace was an important factor when considering whether or not to accept a job. Consulting company McKinsey & Company reports that businesses with racially and ethnically diverse employee populations who are also more gender diverse outperform less diverse organizations.

We asked Adrienne Hoffmann, Vice President, Global Talent Development at Datto, to speak to the importance of celebrating diversity at Datto, and she had this to say.

"Diversity and inclusion make us better; better colleagues, better leaders, and better partners. At Datto, we are committed to identifying innovative ways to attract, develop, and retain talent with different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. We have expressed this commitment through the launch of Datto's Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and the development of Datto Connections, a networking program that aids in professional development.

Our ERGs are voluntary, employee-led groups with leadership and executive team participation and sponsorship. Since their launch, these groups have provided safe spaces and communities where employees can step out of their day-to-day jobs, meet people outside of their teams, and get to know their colleagues on a personal basis. ERGs also create leadership and skill development opportunities in forums that elevate diverse voices and promote change. The critical question with programs such as these is the ERGs making the impact we hoped they would. We're happy to report they absolutely have a positive effect and have increased employee engagement.

Our ERGs positively impact Datto's culture by sponsoring events that bring people together, educate, enlighten, and entertain. These events include book clubs, guest speakers from various fields and backgrounds, mentor programs, and charitable initiatives. Not only have we garnered positive feedback from employees about the ERGs, but we've been able to measure the results. Over the last 12 months, we have seen increases in both ERG membership and employee engagement with the groups. The overall employment has grown at a range of 46% - 106%, depending on the specific ERG group.

In addition to our ERGs, Datto Connections, our internal networking program, is in full swing. Here we invite any employee, regardless of position, department, geographic location, or experience, to seek others across our global network, broaden their expertise, build community, and learn from one another. While this program is still new, we will be tracking the program's progress and impact as it continues to grow.

At the end of the day, employees at Datto are happier and more successful when they are more engaged, have camaraderie with their colleagues, are fulfilled in their roles, and feel that they have a career path and a voice at the company. It is our goal to have a culture where every employee can bring their whole self to work, feel inspired, and empowered to create the best solutions for our partners."

We know our MSP partners also recognize that diversity is critical when building out their teams. When asked about the value of diversity in the tech space, Tracy Hardin, President at Next Century Technologies, said, "Diversity is important for a couple of reasons. I feel that with a diverse team, you get more ideas and solutions that are "outside of the box." Also, employees that work within a diverse team are better prepared to deal with a diverse customer base."

To help provide insights around recruiting, we've put together this podcast, featuring our team of experts, providing insights into creating a recruiting process that brings you the best talent for your team.

We're also celebrating Global Diversity Awareness Month on our Instagram feed. We are proud to bring you stories of individuals from a diverse set of backgrounds who have made a significant and positive impact on STEM and the tech industry throughout history! ⁠

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