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Evading Ransomware During Tax Season with Datto

CMG Computing Services has been serving small businesses in North Bay, Ontario since 1984.

Datto Tech Evangelist Featured as Panelist at CompTIA Summit

This week, Datto Technical Evangelist, Henry Washburn will be on a panel discussing cybersecurity in 2017.

How to Use the Datto Ransomware Protection and Recovery Solution

Ransomware has become a major threat to individuals and businesses alike over the past few years.

Datto Ransomware Report Wins Killer Content Award

Datto takes home a 2017 Killer Content Award for The State of the Channel Ransomware Report.

Reports of Canadian Data Breaches Expected to Increase

​Expect to read a lot more about data breaches in the coming year. A lot more.

300,000 Files Locked by Ransomware? No Problem for PCS and Datto

Pittsburgh Computer Solutions (PCS) is a managed services provider (MSP) that works closely with clients to ensure their businesses stay up and running, regardless of what cyber threat they may encounter.

Datto CTO to Discuss Ransomware at RSA 2017

​Today, Datto CTO, Robert Gibbons will speak on the topic of ransomware at the annual RSA Conference on cybersecurity at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

Ransomware Is an Unpleasant Guest for Austrian Hotel

A top Austrian hotel, Romantik Seehotel Jägerwirt, was recently hit with ransomware.

St. Louis Libraries Hit with Ransomware

Recently, 16 libraries across St. Louis were infected with ransomware, bringing the system to a halt.

Why Early Detection of Ransomware Is Essential

Many people assume that ransomware, once it enters a computer, only locks the files on said device.

Los Angeles Valley College Hit with Ransomware Attack

Ransomware has taken aim at higher education yet again. Los Angeles Valley College recently paid $28,000 in bitcoins after the infection spread through their entire network.

Ransomware Puts Schools in Detention

Ransomware is targeting UK Schools by impersonating a government body - and use extreme methods to get results.

Beware Of New Holiday Package Scam

With Christmas only a couple days away, you’re probably scrambling to get those last-minute gifts.

MSP Recovers 85,000 Files From A Ransomware Attack

California-based managed service provider (MSP), MTM Computer Consulting, has been providing a variety of backup and disaster recovery (BDR) services to local businesses for the past nine years

For Ransomware Protection, Netology Trusts Datto

Netology has been protecting the IT of small businesses across Connecticut, New York and New Jersey for over a decade.

Datto Partners With No More Ransom To Fight Cybersecurity Threat

Ransomware is evolving and constantly finding new ways to infect victims, whether it’s through the latest spam technique or even duping victims into spreading the ransomware themselves.

Yahoo Announces Hack Affecting One Billion Users

Believe it or not, Yahoo has been hit with another massive cybersecurity attack.

Popcorn Time: The Ransomware That Keeps On Giving

With the holiday season approaching, it looks like hackers—and even their victims—are in the giving spirit.

GoldenEye Ransomware Takes Aim At HR

​From the creators of Petya, a new strain of ransomware has entered the game. GoldenEye ransomware is being distributed by spam emails targeting German-speaking users.

Datto Partner Takes The Fizz Out Of Ransomware

Inca Kola is a wildly popular soda pleasing the taste buds of customers all over the world since 1935. Continental Food and Beverage is the exclusive bottlers for Inca Kola in the United States, bottling the popular soda for over 2,000 points of sale spread across 32 states.

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