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Who Is Terry Jones?

Hint: He’s behind those crazy Kayak ads! It’s not easy deciding on a keynote speaker. There’s a lot of pressure...

The 4 Ps of Preparedness

Best Practices for Businesses to Weather the Winter Early last month Punxsutawney Phil did in fact see his shadow, which means only 6 more weeks of winter.

Why Technical Training Matters

Businesses rely on, and pay for, their MSP to be an expert in the solutions they represent, not to mention staying ahead...

The Ultimate Computer Security 101 Checklist

Computer security can be complicated and intimidating for the average user out there. As an IT Admin, it’s up to you to assist users and explain the why - why you need a strong password, why backing up your data is important, why you should never connect to Wi-Fi without a password, etc.

What’s So Great About Image-Based Backup?

How you backup data has a direct impact on your overall data protection strategy.

Safeguard Your Browser: 5 Critical Tips For Web Browser Security

Try an experiment: see how long you can use your computer without opening a web browser. That means no web search, no social media, no shopping, and no news. No browser also means you can’t use web apps: no web documents, no web databases, and no webmail.

Are All Clouds Created Equal? The Rise of the Purpose Built Cloud

With the rise of the cloud, companies are leveraging cloud technologies as part of their data protection processes and there is an assumption among most that all clouds are created equal. But is that really the case?

What Do The Most Successful MSPs Have In Common?

Mere data backup is no longer sufficient for businesses that depend on their critical data and systems every minute of every day.

The Reasons Your IT Admin Is Terrified Of Your Smartphone

Smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices are indispensable for many employees these days, but they can prove terrifying for IT administrators and security managers.

5 Ways a Great IT Conference Is Like a Great First Date

There are a lot of IT conferences you can attend. What makes the experience at one better than another?

Does the Public Cloud, like AWS, Deliver for Data Backup?

When it comes to bandwidth for data backup, cloud infrastructure is a defining measure. What cloud best fits the bill: purpose-built vs. public cloud?

5 Workstation Security Best Practices

Hopefully you’ve never experienced the total frustration of dealing with a system infested with malware. It may take hours to detect and remove all of the malware-affected files on a system. Because of this, many IT people prefer a “clean install”, which erases the drive and replaces everything on it. But with a clean install, you’ll lose any information not saved elsewhere.

What Is The Best Cloud For Data Backup: Purpose Built vs. Public

Is the public cloud the best place for your critical business data? Not all clouds are created equal, and even more so when it comes to cloud backup and data...

Defend Your Data From These Four Network Villains

You open your laptop and connect to the “Free WiFi” access point, no password required. Just connect and browse. Convenient, but definitely not secure. When it comes to network security, there are (at least) four villains out there that threaten your data: an evil twin, a local snoop, a remote attacker, and a traffic interceptor. Each villain attacks a different part of the network, so you’ll need a different tactic to fend off each attack. Let’s review!

What The New FCC Broadband Definition Means for Data Backup

Does the new FCC broadband definition give hope to companies with large data sets, that have previously been limited to local only backup scenarios?

3 Quick Things to Teach Your Users About Password Security

Information Technology administrators know the value of password security. Communicating the value of strong passwords to your end-users, however, can often prove to be a challenge.

Predictable Billing Drives Acceptance of Cloud Backup

Most of your customers don’t know the difference between a gigabyte (GB) and a terabyte (TB).  And chances are they don’t want to.

Were You Prepared for Juno? Grab This Disaster Recovery Checklist

Hindsight is usually not the best policy when it comes to data protection, disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity.

ESG Lab Review: Datto SIRIS for BDR

A popular product that was recently reviewed by Enterprise Strategy Group is SIRIS 2, a business continuity solution available in both physical and virtual platforms.

How Do You Protect Your Clients’ Data?

Many Managed Service Providers (MSPs) have a backup and data protection offering as the cornerstone of their solution offerings.

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