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Has Your Twitter Password Been Stolen?

Typically, if you found yourself in the company of Katy Perry, Drake, and Roger Goodell, you’d consider yourself pretty lucky.

University Pays Nearly $16,000 In Ransomware Attack

What are your files worth to you? $100? $500? $5,000?

ZCryptor: The Self-Propagating Ransomware You Need To Know About

As if ransomware wasn’t already bad enough, Microsoft is warning users of a self-propagating malware strain known as ZCryptor.

The MSP Guide To Stopping Crypto Ransomware Infections In SMBs

The spread of ransomware doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.

U.S. Computer Connection And Datto Host Ransomware Event

Join our live stream event hosted by Datto and US Computer Connection to learn more about how to best protect your business from ransomware.

Hackers Demand Multiple Payments In Ransomware Attack On Hospital

The trend of ransomware attacks on hospitals just keeps on going.

Is Your LinkedIn Account Safe?

Whether it’s a personal LinkedIn account or a company account, you’ve taken the time to curate it and build connections.

Avoid Shadow IT With Total Data Protection

Using consumer file sync and share services like Dropbox and Box for business purposes is part of a phenomenon that many have described as shadow IT.

ADA Sends Flash Drives Infected with Malware

You just got a flash drive containing files from a reputable source, so what do you do? Probably plug it into your computer and download the information, right?

3 Security Measures Missing from Consumer File Sync and Share

Consumer-grade File Sync and Share (FSS) utilities use public cloud infrastructure and encrypt data “at rest” to protect against security breaches.

How Ransomware Is Spread

As you’ve almost certainly seen in the news lately, ransomware has emerged as a major threat to individuals and businesses alike.

Jigsaw Ransomware: Anything But A Game

“Your computer files have been encrypted. Your photos, videos, documents, etc… But don’t worry! I have not deleted them, yet.”

How MCG Stopped Ransomware In Its Tracks

Over the past few years, cyber plunderers have gravitated to ransomware to fleece unsuspecting individuals and businesses.

Infographic: Ransomware By The Numbers

To say ransomware is running rampant would be an understatement. In 2015, ransomware cost $325 million in damages, proving to be quite the cash cow.

Hospital Hit with Cyber Attack

Yet another medical facility has been hit with a suspected ransomware attack.

Ransomware Wreaking Havoc On Hospitals

Cyber criminals continue to hit healthcare with a variety of ransomware attacks.

Mac Ransomware: What You Need To Know

We all know the saying - ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’ - but that may no longer apply in the IT world.

Locky, TeslaCrypt Among Latest Ransomware Threats

If it seems like there’s a new ransomware threat popping up every week, it’s not just you.

Hospital Pays King's Ransom After Ransomware Attack

Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center was forced to pay 40 bitcoins, roughly $17,000, to unlock their files.

Google Engineers Unearth 7-Year-Old Glibc Vulnerability

Bug leaves some Linux systems vulnerable to stack-based buffer overflow attacks.

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