Canadian Transit System, Fuel Distributor Victims of Ransomware Attacks

Canadian Transit System, Fuel Distributor Victims of Ransomware Attacks

By Rob Rae

Vancouver’s transit system, TransLink, was hit with a ransomware attack this week. The transit system experienced several instances of impacted service this week as a result of “suspicious network activity”, with TransLink confirming the attack with a media release just yesterday.

TransLink hasn’t disclosed the ransom demanded, but the ransom note has circulated claiming to have attacked the network, locked the servers and workstations, and downloaded the organization’s data. The hackers threatened to publish the data if TransLink didn’t contact them to pay the ransom within three days.

The attack on TransLink comes mere weeks after the largest gas station operator serving Canada, Parkland, was also hit with a successful attack. Parkland is unsure of the extent of the attack but there is currently no evidence of customer or employee systems being compromised.

Ransomware attacks have proliferated in 2020, across various industries, including healthcare, education, and the managed services industry. Businesses of all sizes need to be prepared for these attacks as hackers continue to capitalize on any weakness they can find. Protection requires a multi-layered approach.

  1. Educate employees. The more in-the-know employees are about the cybersecurity risks they face, the more likely they are able to identify an attack, making an organization less likely to be hit.
  2. Malware prevention. An essential piece of technology for consumers and businesses alike - antivirus or other malware prevention software is often the first line of defense from a technology standpoint.
  3. Have a recovery solution. The reality is, attacks can make it through even the most sophisticated of protection plans. Have a business continuity plan in place to ensure if an attack is successful, business operations can be back up and running quickly and securely.
  4. Small or medium business? Team up with an expert. Managed service providers (MSPs) are IT advisors and solution providers that help SMBs stay secure through technology. An MSP can help your business develop a comprehensive ransomware protection strategy to keep your business-critical data secure.

Datto is committed to serving our Canadian partners and the greater MSP community in Canada. With our Canadian team of nearly 40 employees based in Toronto, we work across the country to bring MSPs the tools they need to protect clients from ransomware attacks, grow their business, and operate more efficiently. Datto’s Canadian partners can have faith their clients’ data is in good hands - with two data centers operated by Datto employees, the data of the small and medium businesses (SMBs) that Datto’s Canadian partners serve is local and secure.

Comprehensive Ransomware Protection: Detection, Response, and Recovery

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