[Podcast] Shann Bosnell Discusses the Evolution of TUC

[Podcast] Shann Bosnell Discusses the Evolution of TUC

By Holly Wainwright

In this very special Canadian edition of Datto’s podcast, VP of Business Development Rob Rae took some time to chat with Shann Bosnell, VP of Technology for TUC Managed IT Solutions. TUC is not only a Datto elite partner but was also recently named Canadian Partner of the Year during the partner awards at DattoCon15. Shann sat down with Datto to discuss the ways in which TUC has successfully evolved. 

Listen to the full interview to hear more on TUC’s continued success.

The History of TUC

“We started TUC back in 2006. We used to be known as the utility company. Our founder Mark Scott was actually one of the founders of Enable Technologies so we have a very deep background as far as managed services go starting off with kind of a remote monitoring company so since about 2006 we really have been focused on managed services kind of since day one out of the gate.”

On TUC’s continually changing customer service model

“Over the years we’ve really evolved our service desk to provide a more enhanced support model. Today we do more than just pick up the phone. We offer bilingual support, true 24/7. We don’t outsource 24/7, we answer the phone by our staff 24/7 all the time. Then we’ve moved away from kind of that level one and level two service system where whenever a customer calls in they never know who they’re going to get because it’s just a bulk group of level ones and a bulk group of level twos to what we call a pod system where there’s five of six guys that are dedicated to these X number of customers so when a customer calls in they always know they’re going to talk with John or Frank.”

What’s next for customer service?

“As of last year we also initiated chat solution which again is available 24/7 so the service model the customers are looking for has evolved and a lot of our competitors have not evolved to meet that and I’d say that we’ve done as much as we can to kind of move in that direction. In fact in the next month or so we’re going to be releasing a smartphone app to allow customers to engage with us.”

On offering bilingual support

“We do see it sometimes where the vendors don’t have a bilingual tool-set right so we will act as an intermediary between the vendors and the customers if required on that front and we do see that. We have some customers in the Montreal area as an example that are French first so we will act as that, we’ll take those calls within the French language that the requirement is and we’ll pass that information on to the vendors as necessary.

When you’re a managed service provider in Canada, at least in Eastern Canada, it’s definitely something that you need to kind of have in your toolbox. It’s not on any other place, you’ve just got to make sure that you’re providing the services that your customer is looking and wanting to have. With our Summerside location it really did help us to elevate that bilingual capability and frankly allowed us to move to a true 24/7 solution rather than just providing pager support or something like that or outsourcing it to a message center type solution.”

On eating your own dogfood

“Showing customers what we do, we’ll log into the Datto portal and fire up the device to be able to show them. I’m a big believer in you’ve got to eat your own dog food so TUC does use business continuity provided by Datto as our business continuity and really that I think is testament to the fact that we really believe in the solution.”

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