Were You Prepared for Juno? Grab This Disaster Recovery Checklist

Were You Prepared for Juno? Grab This Disaster Recovery Checklist

By Ian O'Brien

Hindsight is usually not the best policy when it comes to data protection, disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity.  And even when you have a plan in place, did you perform a DR test to ensure everything is working properly?

Disasters brought on by Mother Nature, like Winter Storm Juno, give us some warning.  That is, if you take heed of the weather alerts as an alert to make sure all systems are go.  And as a reminder to test when the pressure of a storm is not looming.

It’s essential to prepare yourself and your customers before disaster strikes. When it comes to total data protection, being prepared for potential disasters is key for managed services providers (MSPs). It also helps MSPs adhere to their client service-level agreements (SLAs).  To help, Datto is offering a quick 6-step DR Checklist. Here’s a peak …

  1. Assess the problem and its impact on your customer(s). Every disaster and customer is different. Before doing anything, understand the underlying issue and how it will impact your client.
  3. Establish recovery goals. Recovery is what makes a BDR solution different from a simple backup product. Plan out your customer’s road to recovery.
  5. Select the appropriate recovery type(s). To get to your “road to recovery”, the appropriate recovery procedure must be followed. Think about which approach will best get you to your end goal.
  7. Verify the recovery and confirm functionality with users. Once a recovery is verified, confirm that it interacts positively with users.
  9. Restore the original system(s), if needed. If the original system(s) needs to be restored, decide which restoration process will work best.
  11. Self-assess afterwards. After it’s all said and done, take a step back and think about it: How well did your team do? What could you have done differently?

Download the entire Disaster Recovery Checklist, and keep on hand.

Because Datto has been down the DR road many times, we’re all about preparation.  The Tech Support Team has regular meetings to discuss DR scenarios (Superstorm Sandy was a good lesson for us all), so at the first sign of Juno it was all hands on deck.  Everything from confirming schedules, travel plans, systems, soft phone set up as well as VPN access, and, of course, snacks.  While the Datto kitchens are fully stocked with everything from Pop Tarts, granola bars, fresh fruit, water, coffee and power drinks – a trip to the local Costco ensured that the overnight crews and those working long shifts were properly fueled up.

What DR plans do you put in place?  For your office and for your customers?

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