Born in the Cloud - Why Datto Networking Was Built for MSPs

Born in the Cloud - Why Datto Networking Was Built for MSPs

By Chris Brunau

When speaking with Datto partners, one of their favorite features of the Datto Networking product line is the ease-of-use and MSP-centric setup. Like the rest of our devices, our goal is to provide a seamless and straightforward experience for our partners to save them time and money.

  • Datto Partner Portal: Within the Partner Portal, Datto partners get access to everything they need, including tech support, device management, training, product information, sales tools, and marketing materials. The Partner Portal is a one-stop-shop of management and business tools built for our partners to operate more efficiently and to grow their business.

  • Single-Pane-of-Glass Status: MSPs need visibility across all of their clients’ networks. That’s why Datto Networking features a Networking Status page accessed from the Datto Partner Portal. From a single-pane-of-glass, MSPs can monitor all of their client’s networks and connected devices. Networking Status uses visual cues to indicate status. We even indicate if the Datto Networking Appliance is in failover mode.

  • Drill-Down Configuration Management: From the single-pane-of-glass Networking Status view, one click gets you into Networking Management where the real fun begins. With simple toggle settings MSPs can turn on client isolation or throttle bandwidth on a guest network and much more. You can even clone configuration settings and deploy them to another network.

  • Integration with MSP Tools: As a channel-only company, we wanted to build Datto Networking to seamlessly fit into the MSP business model. MSP-Centric networking begins with native integrations with the tools an MSP uses to run its day-to-day business. With native RMM and PSA integrations, gone are the days of jerry-rigging SNMP or force-fitting technology just to fit networking into everyday MSP tools.

Datto Networking was purpose-built for the MSP and includes high-performance, extremely reliable products that are simple for an MSP to configure, deploy, and manage. Products are born in the cloud where the single pane of glass delivers the straightforward networking management Datto partners have grown to appreciate.

To learn more about ease-of-use and time-saving benefits, check out Datto Networking.

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