Big Sur Utilized Datto’s Private Cloud in a Big Way

Big Sur Utilized Datto’s Private Cloud in a Big Way

By Michaela Scampoli

When Tampa-based managed service provider, Big Sur Technologies, began fielding an excess amount of calls from their customers reporting server failure, they decided that something had to change. Most of their customers had servers running out of their own closets, and, while Big Sur wasn’t responsible for those servers, they still felt the business pains of their struggling customers. Progressively ahead of the game, Big Sur decided to implement their own private cloud and offer it to their clients.

Charles Love, Director of Service and Cloud Operations at Big Sur, describes a private cloud as a fantastic offering to provide customers with the ability to access their desktop applications anywhere, anytime. However, having their own cloud also comes with a challenge or two.

Working with many different verticals, Love found that customers need retention policies dating back years as well as the ability to restore data quickly. While Big Sur had solved their customers’ server failure issues, they were now dealing with a server speed issue. Simple restores on their private cloud were often taking several hours. As customers demanded longer retention policies, the space in Big Sur’s data center was filling up fast.

“We were going to invest another $150,000 into a duplicate SAN just to do backups. Our problem was with the giant expense, and that it’s in our building,” explained Love.

They decided to invest in Datto’s 160+ petabyte private cloud, and now leverage Datto’s Virtual SIRIS. Essentially, Big Sur backs up their cloud to Datto’s. As a result, restores for their customers now take a mere few minutes.

“We get everything as if we have our own equipment in our building, but with way better management control and we can ship servers to Datto’s bi-coastal data centers,” said Love.

With Datto, Big Sur saves their customers from lengthy downtime while saving their own business some storage space. Servers began in customer’s closets, moved to Big Sur’s data center, and now live in Datto’s private cloud.

For more on Big Sur’s implementation of Datto’s private cloud, read the full case study.

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