How Total Data Protection Passed a Trial by Fire

How Total Data Protection Passed a Trial by Fire

By Chris Brunau

California-based managed service provider (MSP), Anchor Point IT Solutions, protects data for small to mid-sized businesses in the healthcare, financial, and manufacturing sectors. Their technology stack is built around Datto’s backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solutions, and all customers are required to have a Datto appliance in place. Anchor Point’s proactive approach to BDR has proven to be a very successful strategy for the MSP, particularly in one recent and potentially disastrous incident.

One night, an electrical fire struck a neighboring warehouse and spread to their office. The fire department was unable to enter the building, soaking it with water from the exterior to subdue the flames.

When the fire subsided, the owner of the manufacturing company entered to find their computers and servers sitting in four inches of water. He called Paul McLean, Principal at Anchor Point, the following morning who began executing their business continuity plan.

To learn more about how Anchor Point and Datto avoided downtime, read the full success story.

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