Avoid Shadow IT With Total Data Protection

May 18, 2016

Avoid Shadow IT With Total Data Protection

BY Andrew Burton

BCDR Cybersecurity Datto Products

Using consumer file sync and share (FSS) services like Dropbox and Box for business purposes is part of a phenomenon that many have described as “shadow IT,” when systems and solutions are used inside an organization without explicit organizational approval. This can create problems, however, because consumer products that are often not in line with the business requirements for control, documentation, security, reliability, etc. When employees use consumer-grade solutions to store and share critical business files, it exposes the company to risk. The worst part, the company is usually in the dark and doesn’t even know it’s happening.

Let’s say 10 employees use their personal file sync and share accounts for business purposes. That means you have corporate data in 10 different password-protected locations you can’t access. If your business is subject to specific compliance regulations this is an even bigger problem. Shadow IT is also a security issue. The more places that sensitive or confidential business data exists, the more likely it will be accessed by unauthorized individuals.

Business-grade FSS has emerged as an option for organizations to eliminate these issues. These products give users the collaboration capabilities of consumer FSS tools, while ensuring businesses maintain oversight of corporate data. Many FSS products also include security capabilities such as authentication and encryption, reducing the likelihood of unauthorized access.

There are a variety of ways to deploy business-grade FSS today. There are business editions of popular cloud-based consumer file sync and share tools as well as software products that allow IT teams to deploy FSS on-premises. Also, some backup software vendors have have built file sync and share functionality into their products—especially in the endpoint backup space. That makes a lot of sense, because backup vendors are uniquely qualified to prevent data loss. It also means one less vendor you’ll need to work with.

As a trusted data protection vendor, Datto is uniquely qualified to deliver cloud-based FSS that meets business standards. Our 200+ PB cloud is purpose-built for data protection with baked-in redundancy and additional safeguards against data loss. And, Datto Drive, which is based on the widely-used and mature ownCloud open source FSS platform, offers enterprise-class security. Data is encrypted at rest in the Datto Cloud as well as in flight across the wire. Also, users can tweak encryption settings with granular control over what gets encrypted and what doesn’t. Datto Drive can also be integrated with Active Directory and single sign on for user access control. Finally, it offers top-notch antivirus protection and firewall settings to protect against malware and other viruses.

If you haven’t already, give Datto Drive a look. We are offering 1 TB of FSS storage free for a year to the first million businesses that sign up. At the end of the year, that TB will run you $10 bucks a month for unlimited users—true business-grade FSS at the lowest possible cost. Get on that!

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