Autotask PSA Updates Streamline UX, Increase Efficiency

Autotask PSA Updates Streamline UX, Increase Efficiency

By Andrew Burton

We are happy to announce a number of updates to Autotask PSA aimed at easing management and increasing efficiency. This includes an updated Configuration Item user interface, After Hours Time Entry, Return Materials Authorization (RMA) Processing, Ticket Merge, and a new QuickBooks integration. As always, many of these updates are directly inspired by your suggestions in the PSA Community Ideas Forum.

Configuration Item Categories

This update introduces Configuration Item Categories, bringing the Configuration Item UI in line with the Ticket, Task, and Opportunity UIs. Categories provide a way to classify Configuration Items and control what is displayed in the UI. This includes, but is not limited to: Sections displayed on the Details Panel; Fields in each Section; Display order in the Main Panel; and Insights displayed on the Insights Panel.

There are three standard Configuration Item Categories (users can also create their own):

  • Standard (non-editable)—preserves the original settings
  • Standard (basic)—does not display user-defined fields
  • Standard—fully customizable

Configuration Item Categories are available in Widgets (as filters and columns), Reports, LiveReports, Data Warehouse, and API.

Ticket Merging

We are also excited to announce the availability of Ticket Merging, as this has been a highly requested feature. When a Ticket Merge is performed, we will now move over all non-posted Time Entries, Notes, Attachments, Charges, Expenses, and Resources (both primary and secondary) from the source ticket to the destination ticket. Notes detailing what was moved are automatically added to both the source and destination tickets during the merge.

After-Hours Time Entry

After-Hours Work Type is a new option to designate work performed outside of normal business hours. The employee’s primary location is used to automatically determine if work was performed within business hours. If an entry is outside of, or crosses the start or end hours of the business day, the entry will be automatically split and the After-Hours Work Type will be applied to work conducted outside normal business hours. Additionally, an After-Hours Work Type column has been added to the grid on the Billing Codes page to help you easily identify if a Work Type has been assigned this designation.

New RMA Processing

We also introduced a new workflow for Return Merchandise Authorizations (RMAs). This is intended to ease the process for end users to return equipment that needs to be repaired, replaced, or returned to MSPs. The RMA workflow is highly configurable, allowing you to tailor workflows around your specific business requirements and processes partners have in place.

QuickBooks Desktop Integration

This new integration uses the QuickBooks Web Connector (QBWC) to transfer data from Autotask PSA to QuickBooks Desktop. QBWC is a separate standalone application that communicates with Autotask via web services and with QuickBooks via QBXML. The new integration will be rolled out one module at a time, starting with Invoice Transfer. Additional modules will be added over the next few release cycles.

“We are pleased to announce the availability of these highly sought after features from our partners,” said Joe Rourke, Autotask PSA Director of Product Management. “We continue to produce ways of helping MSPs operate more intelligently by optimizing workflows and delivering instant information wherever possible.”

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