Q&A with Datto Founder and CEO Austin McChord

Q&A with Datto Founder and CEO Austin McChord

By Ian O'Brien

In this weeks episode of the Datto Partner Podcast, Vice President of Business Development, Rob Rae sat down with Datto founder and CEO Austin McChord to answer questions provided by our listeners. Austin gave his candid thoughts on a variety of topics including what he is most proud of at Datto, the changes he has seen since starting the company and what he does outside of work for fun.

MSPs have a lot of options when it comes to backup. Austin discussed some of the reasons he feels Datto is the best choice; including the technology of the platform:

“We’re incredibly excited to be building out this Total Data Protection platform, that’s going to be unlike anything else managed service providers have seen before. And we’re really excited to share more and show that roadmap and how it comes to together and how it’s gonna be incredibly beneficial for MSPs in the long run.”

(Editor’s note: Register for the Datto Partner Conference to attend Austin’s keynote where he will announcing exciting new products and features.”)

Austin on which Datto technology he is most proud of and why?

“The Synchronization engines and inverse chain technology, which really go hand in hand. I think that it’s something that’s really different. It’s somewhere that we’ve innovated in the entire market and it’s the enabling technologies that allow us to do things like instant virtualization, screenshot verification and all of the other pieces that build atop that. And that inverse chain is really something that we haven’t seen duplicated anywhere else. And that’s something that’s incredibly unique about our product and our technology and our offering and I’m incredibly proud of that.”

What’s the biggest difference between running a small business and a larger business?

“It’s been amazing how my job has changed over the course of running the company. A lot of the things I did when we were small I don’t do anymore. As this whole process has continued, my job changes everyday. The skills that got me to a ten person company are not the same skills that get me from a 250 person to a 500 person company. For me it’s about continuously learning.”

Discussing what he is most proud of at Datto Austin added:

“The things that I’m most proud of are some of the values that we set from the very beginning; caring about the partners, doing the right thing is more important than doing the profitable thing. Those types of values that we set have really been apart of our company and have been a guiding north star as we continue to grow.”

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Do you have a question for Austin? Or feedback & ideas on how we can improve the show? Send your ideas to podcast@datto.com. And we hope to see you all at the Datto Partner Conference 2015 in June.

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