Are Custom BDR Features Helping Or Hurting Your Revenue?

Are Custom BDR Features Helping Or Hurting Your Revenue?

By Chris Brunau

While it seems helpful that MSPs can offer customizable features when it comes to BDR, a question remains - are those features hurting or helping your revenue? In this two-part blog series, we’ll look at some signs to help you determine if BDR features are costing you revenue or creating it.

Having your client go through and customize their offering a la carte to fit their needs sounds great, at first. But, instead of building a solution of pieces here and there, it might be a far better option to go with a turnkey solution. A complete solution means you’re including everything you need to offer to keep your customers happy while your business is operating at full steam.

Again, while it may sound nice to customize, but here are some ways that a pick and pack solution will actually cost you instead of help you create revenue.

Everything is treated as an “upsell” opportunity.
Sure, these one off products will give you what you need for a specific point in time, but they don’t take into account what you will need in the long term. When your needs change and you need more functionality, you’ll need to go back for it (and pay for it of course). Hence the upsell opportunity. It’s good for the vendor because they sell you more products piecemeal. Bad for you because you’re essentially just purchasing a product, not a thought-out solution. You’re spending more on features that should be built in. And oh yeah, end customers will not appreciate the constant upsell from their MSP.

You’re only getting half a product.
The barebones product is exactly what some vendors want to sell you because it means you’ll come back for more. You wouldn’t go to a restaurant and order spaghetti, then order meatballs, and finally order pasta sauce. Why settle for half a product that won’t satisfy? The worst part is that these vendors aren’t looking out for their MSPs and end customer’s best interests, they’re just looking for ways to line their pockets by making you purchase components to complete the solution.

In conclusion, while the flexibility and adaptability of customizable a la carte features may seem nice, what are they really bringing to your business?

You’re better off investing in a complete solution. Instead of being sold features here and there, a thorough and thought-out solution is in your best interest. To learn more, check out the executive brief below “5 signs that BDR features are costing you revenue vs. creating it”

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