Accounting Firm Ensures Business Continuity with Datto

Accounting Firm Ensures Business Continuity with Datto

By Michaela Scampoli

With 30+ years under their belt, Blackpoint IT has become a go-to managed service provider in the Seattle and Portland area. A cloud-forward company, they have evolved their IT offerings over the years to give their clients complete business continuity solutions.

Among the many companies they work with, accounting firm, Bader Martin, identifies as a company who has also thrived through the evolution of technology for the past 20+ years. At Bader Martin, they utilize SaaS applications, and their assets have become primarily digital over the years. Keeping their data protected and accessible is an absolute must.

In the summer of 2013, the technology services team at Bader Martin began searching for a strong business continuity solution. At the time, the systems in place at Bader Martin were pricey, had bandwidth issues, and yielded flawed Disaster Recovery (DR) testing.

Bringing Back Business Continuity

They then met the team at Blackpoint IT. Blackpoint IT first assessed Bader Martin’s IT infrastructure. The technology services team often witnessed employees deleting entire folders and other information born in SaaS applications. Datto’s Backup Insights feature would allow the team to go back and see where exactly files were lost, and restore them.

Blackpoint IT was also able to offer the team some peace of mind with nightly reporting. Datto’s Screenshot Verification offers an easy to read report and validates that systems can be spun up in the case of an emergency.

The team at Blackpoint IT also recognized the importance of zero downtime for Bader Martin’s business model. As a traditional accounting firm with billable hours, downtime is simply not an option.

Through a successful DR test, Bader Martin was assured that Blackpoint IT understood their business model, and could keep them up and running with innovative business continuity solutions. All in all, Blackpoint IT proved to be the perfect fit for Bader Martin.

“I can see why they are a premier Datto partner. They respond within an hour when a request comes in and it’s picked up and then worked on. They are our trusted business continuity team,” said Mike Basilicato, lead manager of technical services at Bader Martin.

For more details on how Blackpoint IT is protecting Bader Martin’s business data, check out the success story.

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