A Swift BCDR Plan Prevents Downtime

A Swift BCDR Plan Prevents Downtime

By Chris Brunau

Imagine if you were hit with major server failure. Now, imagine business is back to normal in fewer than 30 minutes. That was the exact situation for a client of Swift Chip Inc.

Swift Chip is a managed services provider based in Southern California, serving roughly 75 clients. CEO Kenneth May is a major channel influencer who knows a thing or two about protecting his clients no matter the industry they operate within. Swift Chip has been a Datto partner for about one year, and according to May, they are very happy with every aspect of the Datto solution.

“With some of their previous solutions, we were constantly working back and forth to get these functioning correctly to protect our clients. I came across Datto through a peer group, and have been extremely pleased,” said May.

The switch to Datto certainly paid off for Swift Chip and one of their nonprofit customers when the client was preparing to migrate an email server to Office 365. According to May, the client had a failing infrastructure without any business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) solution, so he didn’t have a good feeling about taking on the migration. May suggested they implement a Datto SIRIS to cover any bases during the process and to protect their data moving forward.

Sure enough, only two weeks later in the middle of the migration, the nonprofit’s server crashed.

According to May, “We hadn’t finished the migration yet, so they were still relying on the server for email. When they screamed for help, we were able to address it immediately and avoid a major catastrophe.”

To learn more about how Swift Chip and Datto protected a client from disaster, read the full success story.

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