A Look at the MSP’s Day to Day

A Look at the MSP’s Day to Day

By Courtney Heinbach

Billing. Service delivery. Ransomware prevention. Ransomware response and recovery. Marketing and sales. These are just a few of the things managed service providers (MSPs) think about during a day on the job serving the world’s small and medium businesses. The responsibilities of an MSP cover a broad range of needs for their SMB clients, built to be agile to handle anything that comes their way.

According to Gartner, an MSP “delivers services, such as network, application, infrastructure, and security, via ongoing and regular support and active administration on customers’ premises, in their MSP’s data center (hosting), or in a third-party data center.”

MSPs vary in the amount of staff that keeps business operations up and running, from one-person shops to more than ten employees for a larger operation. Some MSPs have upwards of 25 staff if they are a particularly mature organization. To-dos among the staff will vary depending on the size, with employees of smaller shops wearing many hats, from technician to marketer to accountant, and so on, while larger shops can specialize and divvy up tasks amongst a larger group.

In our infographic, A Day in the Life of a Managed Service Provider, you’ll get a view into the tasks an MSP manages each day, the importance of effectively managing client relationships, a look at the urgent tasks that can pop up at any time, and how they can be resolved, and the role that technology plays in an MSP’s business.

A Look at the MSP’s Day to Day

A Day in the Life of a Managed Service Provider

In our infographic, you’ll get a look into what a day as an MSP might look like, from planned tasks to the unexpected events.

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