A Look at Datto's Integrations

A Look at Datto's Integrations

By Henry Washburn

Our partners are constantly looking to optimize operations. They look to standardize EVERYTHING. Computers to install, programs that exist at a client’s site, management, disaster recovery procedures, etc. Many deploy tools that provide a central location for alerts. Some partners use professional service automation software (PSAs) and others get more granular with RMM systems. Usually, the more integrations the better. The hard part is knowing what integrations vendors have and what they can do for you.

Let’s Talk About PSAs

PSA tools give IT Service Providers (ITSP) a single system that handles everything about their clients. It handles quoting, billing, ticketing, notifications, and more. It provides a one-stop-shop for an ITSP to handle every network, service offering, business continuity system, hardware purchase, etc., to make sure the client is profitable. It gives ITSPs business insights to ensure they’re making the correct decisions in terms of staffing, service, and support. Since Datto is a channel-only company, we integrate our offerings with two of the biggest. Datto’s ConnectWise and Autotask integrations allow ITSPs to get alerts pushed to their ticketing dashboards. The ConnectWise integration even ingests the service cost into the system so users can track profits.

Then There Are Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) Integrations

RMMs give ITSPs more customization with managing issues. These tools allow users to remotely connect to hardware, local sites, deal with certain types of issues if they are repeated, suppress alerts, etc. They usually deal with client management and give extra help to growing ITSPs to provide better service. Datto offers integration with Kaseya and ConnectWise Automate (formerly Labtech), to help our ITSPs manage Datto devices better, faster, and stronger.

Sort of New to the Game Are Integration Platforms

Integration Platforms take in ALL of the information via Datto’s Alert API and create a plugin for their systems. They incorporate MANY different vendors together with a healthy insights engine to understand what is going on at a site. For example, Brightgauge and ITGlue have built plugins for Datto. These tools allow users to create dashboards for clients to watch issues, see long-term savings with ITSPs and even combine disparate documentation under one roof. As ITSPs get bigger, it can become difficult to dig into information, content, and network architectures that may be siloed in different areas, so it is important to have a system show them where “all the things” are.

But I Don’t Have Any of Those!

As always, Datto provides a number of ways to manage alerts. We offer email and text notifications as well as an XML feed to know what is going on and where. This allows ITSPs to easily monitor their fleet of devices and quickly identify issues.

If you want to learn to be an even better ITSP, there is always room for improvement, you can check out our MSPeasy series that goes over many different ways to boost value for clients and increase profitability.

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