A Look at DattoCon19 Bootcamps

A Look at DattoCon19 Bootcamps

By Chris Brunau

In a few short weeks, over 750 MSPs will gather in Paris for DattoCon19. Over the three days that follow, attendees will learn a wealth of information about all things Datto and the channel.

In addition to the sessions for general attendees, there is even more exclusive content at the bootcamp sessions on Monday, October 21. Check out a preview of what you can expect in these boot camp sessions.

  • Autotask PSA Accelerator Boot Camp Level 1: The PSA Accelerator Boot Camp will walk through a typical business flow, from acquiring and onboarding customers to servicing and preventing churn with a focus on profitability, time management, workload, and customer management. The instructors will provide the best practices for approaching your business process in the PSA. Attendees will leave with an understanding of the flow of work through the PSA. Learn more.
  • Autotask PSA Optimizer Boot Camp Level 2: Take your database workflow and PSA expertise to the next level. This training is a must-attend as it dives deeper into the common workflows to give you greater understanding, better practices and workarounds to identify the most efficient path for the daily activities of the business. Through workshop activities and live demonstrations, this training will take your functioning database and increase your productivity and profitability. We’ll fill in the blanks and address areas that may not have been covered in your original adoption. Learn more.
  • Datto RMM Accelerator Boot Camp Level 1: For those of you just getting started with Datto RMM, join us for this technical boot camp. Learn first-hand from the pros how to deploy, develop, deliver, and optimize your delivery of managed services. Learn more.
  • Datto RMM Optimizer Boot Camp Level 2: For those of you looking for a deeper technical dive into Datto RMM, join our advanced boot camp session. You'll work with senior RMM technical experts to make sure you're up to speed on current challenges that MSPs face. In addition, you’ll learn how you can use Datto RMM to simplify those challenges, as well as additional tips, tricks, and best practices. Learn more.
  • Networking Technologies Boot Camp: The Networking Technologies Boot Camp is a deep-dive, advanced technical session, best suited for network engineers who design, install, document, and test wired and wireless customer networks. While this session is not specifically built around deploying the Datto Networking stack, throughout the session we will make reference to Datto Networking products and capabilities. Attendees will leave with an in-depth understanding of best practices for deploying networking technologies. Learn more.
  • BCDR Ransomware Recovery Boot Camp: Ransomware is more prevalent and costly than ever before. In the event of an infection, you want to resume business operations and return to a clean production environment as fast as possible. This session focuses on identifying and performing the recovery options provided by the Datto SIRIS product in the event that a file, folder, volume, or system becomes infected with ransomware. Learn more (and even more!)

Paris is the ideal location to bring together the world’s best MSPs for three days of non-stop learning and networking at DattoCon19 Paris. With a focus on helping you become more skilled at running your business with Datto solutions, DattoCon19 Paris will provide you with a wealth of educational and insightful sessions, keynotes, and peer networking opportunities. Register today!

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