A Disaster Recovery Test in the Midwest, Featuring ITW Evercoat

A Disaster Recovery Test in the Midwest, Featuring ITW Evercoat

By Michaela Scampoli

Auto body manufacturer, ITW Evercoat, is no stranger to the sometimes unruly weather in the Ohio area. Having narrowly escaped a tornado more than once before, natural disasters remain amongst the company’s biggest concerns.

“Back in the late 90s, a tornado touched down less than a quarter of a mile from the plant. People were calling and asking if they still had jobs,” explained ITW systems analyst, Shawn Sparks.

The entirety of the company’s manufacturing is done in the Ohio plant, so enterprise resource planning (ERP) and email systems are top priorities when it comes to data protection.

A Disaster Recovery Test for Success
In order to protect their critical business data, Sparks looked to managed service provider, Opti-vise IT to provide them with the best solutions. Opti-vise IT recommended a Datto SIRIS Enterprise for all of their backup and business continuity needs.

To better assess the Datto solution with ITW Evercoat’s IT infrastructure, a disaster recovery (DR) test was performed. ITW Evercoat rented out a conference room at a local hotel, and the weeklong test was set into motion. During that week, 20 servers were virtualized in Datto’s data center.

During the DR test, business continued to run smoothly. Sparks pointed out that, previous DR tests resulted in poorly functioning email and ERP systems. This time around, thanks to the Datto solution, both systems functioned in their normal state.

Protecting Manufacturing Data
Vice President at Opti-vise IT, Kyle Hamilton, pointed out key Datto features that make the solution a great fit for manufacturers:

  • Screenshot Verification
  • Inverse Chain Technology
  • Instant Virtualization

Together, these three technologies play a major role in protecting the data in a sometimes disaster-prone region. For more on how these features contribute to the safety of ITW Evercoat’s data, check out the full success story.

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