7 Tips for Effective Client Surveys

7 Tips for Effective Client Surveys

By Chris Brunau

Most Managed Service Provider (MSPs) believe they are doing a great job for their clients - right up until a client stops doing business with them.

If you have ever been surprised by a client leaving you “out of the blue”, you’ll know the value of gathering timely, actionable feedback from your clients via surveys.

But how should you structure your surveys to be most effective? Here are 7 tips for effective client surveys.

Gather Data in Real-Time

Don’t conduct a survey every month. Instead, ask clients to assess your service while the issue and resolution is still fresh in their mind. This allows you to highlight any problems, and address them - and avoids issues festering in a client's mind.

Automate Survey Delivery

You should Integrate your client surveys into your ticket closure workflow process, automatically asking your client for their thoughts on how you served them. This allows you to integrate survey results into your existing business systems, and means you don’t have to deploy any more time or resources gathering information.

Offer Multiple Response Types

While a standard numerical rating scale is useful for benchmarking survey results from one client amongst many, always offer your client the opportunity to offer detailed feedback about their specific issue.

Design your surveys to uncover the responses that you will really find valuable. This might be a combination of Yes/No, Text Boxes, Multiple-Choice and Numerical Ratings.

Brand Survey Templates

Ensure your surveys carry the “look and feel” of your branding. To give the best impression and to solicit the most feedback, make sure your survey includes your business logo, fonts and colors.

Automate Delivery Options

Ensure the survey tool you use has the option to let you automatically resend surveys to customers if you have not received a response after a specified number of days.

On the flip-side, ensure that you are able to limit the number of surveys you send to a specific client or contact over a period of time. However good your service, you don’t want to wear out your client by asking them for their thoughts too often.

Automate Alerts

If a client provides a negative survey result, the worst thing you can do is to ignore this.

Ensure that you are able to take immediate action on any negative feedback - use a survey tool that allows you set parameters to trigger an email or other alert to an account manager or business owner if a client shares their dis-satisfaction.

Aggregate Results

Ensure the survey tool you use allows you to aggregate survey results, so you can take a wider view of client feedback. You should still be able to drill down into results to analyze them, but by being able to aggregate, filter, group and display results - you can evaluate your business more effectively.


By ensuring you collect and act on feedback from clients via effective surveys, your MSP business will benefit from increased client retention, improved service delivery and greater profit.

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