7 Reasons Hybrid Cloud Delivers a Superior Backup Strategy

7 Reasons Hybrid Cloud Delivers a Superior Backup Strategy

By Ian O'Brien


Why every MSP—and every SMB—should embrace hybrid cloud

As a trusted provider of IT solutions and services, would you be confident in a business continuity solution that only stores backups and data in one location? That is susceptible to being compromised? Would you be able to charge a premium for a solution that offered less than optimal performance?

Enter a hybrid cloud-based backup solution. With a hybrid cloud-based solution, the on-premise component backs up data locally—while also performing deduplication, compression, file conversion and other appropriate operations. These operations reduce consumption of on- and off-site storage resources, minimize bandwidth requirements and compress both backup and restore times.

The off-premise component of a hybrid cloud is typically provided on an as-a-service basis to the SMB, which means that the SMB does not have to bear the responsibility of managing it—and can pay for it on a subscription basis. For MSPs, the use of Datto’s cloud eliminates operational responsibilities and provides powerful economies of scale. In addition, the Datto cloud replicates customer data in multiple locations to ensure recoverability even in the event of even the most extreme local disaster.

That’s just the beginning of what makes a hybrid cloud-based solution a superior foundation of a business’ backup strategy. In fact, Datto has identified seven, including:

        1. Superior Business Continuity
        2. True-SMB Friendliness
        3. Adaptable Capacity
        4. Optimized Economics
        5. Security and Compliance
        6. Sustainable Recurring Revenue for MSPs
        7. Better SMB Account Management

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