5 Ways File Sync And Share Boosts Employee Morale

5 Ways File Sync And Share Boosts Employee Morale

By Andrew Burton

While technology can’t make a thankless job rewarding, there’s no denying that it makes our lives easier. Technology that helps us accomplish tasks faster and easier has had a transformative impact on the way we do business.

Many tasks which were once labor-intensive and time-consuming have become nearly instantaneous. For example, it wasn’t that long ago, that shooting a decent quality photo and emailing it to a colleague involved film processing, scanning, etc. Today, it’s three or four clicks on your phone.

Deploying technologies that make it easier for people to accomplish their jobs improves employee morale. For example, here are five ways business-grade file sync and share (FSS) tools, like Datto Drive, can boost morale.

  1. Improved work/life balance: FSS tools allow users to access essential documents from anywhere, on any device. It’s never been easier to work from wherever you want or need. This accessibility allows you to be productive on the couch, in a doctor’s office waiting room, on the train - wherever.

    Of course, the ability to work anywhere and everywhere is a double-edged sword if you have a tendency to never stop working. For the rest of us, this flexibility is a huge benefit. As it turns out, happy workers are productive workers. The authors of a recent University of Warwick, U.K. study on happiness and productivity found that “human happiness has large and positive causal effects on productivity.”
  2. Increased productivity: A recent Gallup poll showed that employees who spend some of their time working remotely work longer hours and are more engaged than employees who do not. It also showed that those workers feel “more connected” to their companies. It turns out that it actually benefits the company to supply its employees with tools that enable remote work.

    For many companies, business-grade FSS eliminates the need for clunky VPNs with poor connectivity and compatibility issues—this is especially important given the rise of the bring your own device (BYOD) trend. Today’s workforce is so accustomed to mobile and cloud in their personal lives, these technologies are all but expected in the workplace. Giving employees modern tools that increase efficiency makes them happier, more engaged and more productive.
  3. Improved collaboration: Although it is essential in everyday life and business, email leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to collaboration. It’s easy for messages from coworkers to get lost among the potentially hundreds we receive on any given day—slowing down the collaboration process. FSS tools also reduces the amount of email you send and receive and the amount of time spent searching your inbox for documents.

    File sync and share tools provide an organizational structure for workgroups, allowing multiple users to collaborate on a single document with ease. Files exist in a single location, making it impossible to accidentally work from an older version of a file—resulting in wasted time consolidating revisions into a single document..
  4. Reduced data loss: On a corporate level, data loss can be an expensive proposition—for many reasons. But on a personal level, losing documents you’ve worked hard on is just a total drag. Starting over from scratch on a project you’ve worked hard on is a morale killer.

    Business-class FSS products have data protection baked in. They allow users to revert to previous documents which were corrupted or deleted. This functionality eliminates the need to back up laptops and mobile devices—something that many organizations eschew due to the challenges of doing so with traditional backup products. It also empowers employees to perform file restores without the need for submitting a helpdesk ticket.
  5. Improved security: Security is one of the main reasons that companies adopt business-class cloud FSS products today. These tools offer data encryption for the cloud similar to what is offered by consumer FSS products. However, they also take it a step further, encrypting data as it is sent over the wire. These tools also provide access controls that allow users to set parameters on who can access and edit documents.

    Other FSS tools may offer security features aimed at specific threats. For example, some offer the ability to remotely lock or wipe laptops and mobile devices to protect against data loss due to theft. Finally, tracking and auditing functionality gives users visibility into who accessed and edited files and when. With ransomware coming up more and more in the news each week, data security is front of mind for many today. A business-class FSS tool, like the new Datto Drive solution, can greatly reduce security-related anxiety among employees.

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