Have you ever wondered what the common pain points are for a managed service provider (MSP)? Perhaps you're curious where they get their news, or even what their favorite sci-fi movie is. Well, if you're looking for these answers, you're in luck. 

Recently, we decided to turn to our partners to learn more about them. We surveyed over 1,200 of our partners to gain more insight into their lifestyle habits, business trends, and more. Our 2017 State of the MSP Report provides a unique profile of IT service providers in addition to some useful resources to alleviate some of their common pain points. Here are some of the top takeaways from the report:

  1. Our Partners Face Similar Hurdles: According to our research, we found the top pain points included Marketing/Sales, Selling BDR, Staffing/Recruiting, and Growing Pains.

    MSP Pain Points

  2. MSPs Go Vertical: The majority of MSPs focus on recruiting from a specific industry or industries. Some of the most popular verticals include Professional Services, Manufacturing, and Healthcare.

    MSP Verticals

  3. The Internet Is King: Our partners’ media consumption is mainly from the web. They also enjoy podcasts and blogs.

    Media Consumption

  4. Our Partners Are Successful: The majority of our partners are reaping more than $5 million in annual revenue and are serving over 100 clients.

    Annual Revenue

  5. MSPs Are Road Warriors: 89% drive to work, 6% work from home, 4% take public transportation, and 1% bike/walk to work.

    MSP Daily Commute

If you’re interested in learning even more about the makeup of the MSP community in 2017, download the entire report today. It’s full of lifestyle information, news consumption, and a some fun bits of information about the lives of Datto partners.