4 Social Media Tips for the Busy MSP

4 Social Media Tips for the Busy MSP

By Chris Brunau

Who has the time to tweet?

This is most likely a common sentiment among MSPs who are busy working with their clients and generally trying to build their businesses. Marketing and specifically social media seem time consuming and are often thought of as activities that would be nice to do but not necessary.

The problem with this thinking is that social media is everywhere. Your clients (or future clients) are most likely on one form of social media - whether they are tweeting at a company for support help or part of a niche community on Google+.

Social media doesn’t have to be hard and it doesn’t have to time consuming. Here are 4 tips to get you started successfully.

1. Set up your profiles - now!

If your business is growing and you don’t have any type of social media presence, you’re missing an opportunity to interact with customers and/or prospects. You don’t need to be everywhere but pick the social media platform that makes sense for your business and get started.

2. Share helpful content to increase followers

The content that performs best on social media is typically educational, interesting content. Makes sense, right? For example, a recruiting firm should share content all about how to help candidates find jobs. As you find interesting industry articles, share them on your company profiles.

3. Collect your content

Social media often seems daunting for MSPs because they aren’t sure what to share and if they will have enough content to keep their social presence going. As you think about company news, product updates, industry events, interesting blog posts, you’ll soon realize that you have more than enough content to share with your followers. Make it even easier, create a doc where you keep everything in one place (interesting articles, company news, product information, etc) and that can be your go-to for content when you’re desperate for something to post.

4. Schedule your content in advance

Buffer, HootSuite….there are plenty of tools (and many are free) that can help you schedule social media posts in advance. Block off some time once a week for an hour and dedicate that hour of the day to scheduling social media updates for the week. Done and done.

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