4 Reasons Why MSPs Should Sell SaaS

4 Reasons Why MSPs Should Sell SaaS

By John DeWolf

As an MSP, it’s essential to know why you’re selling a product and why it’s important to your target market, and also why it’s benefitting you. So if you’re debating whether or not you should sell SaaS as an MSP, the answer is yes. Why? We’ve got the answers you’re looking for right here.

1. It’s the perfect sized application for…any company.

As an MSP, you have the ability to scale solutions like Salesforce and Google Apps to businesses large and small which means you can maintain these solutions for your customers as they grow, and can cross-sell these solutions to customers of any size. SaaS is never too big or too small for your customer; it’s always just right.

2. It can all be managed by just one person.

SaaS applications are designed to be managed by at least a single administrator operating through a web interface, which means SaaS apps have centralized account control as part of their core design.

3. Although it can only be managed by one person, it’s also designed to be managed by many more, if necessary.

A larger ecosystem: Google Apps and Office 365 have their Marketplaces; Salesforce has its AppExchange, NetSuite has its SuiteApps. Each of these platforms give administrators the ability to install, remove, configure and control access to these apps from one place. You can also easily toggle between managing Google Apps for Company A to Google Apps for Business B with a minimum of effort.

4. It allows you to continue and nourish your relationship with your customers.

  • While many MSPs send monthly invoices for their retained services, for customers using only on-premise systems, these documents don’t often change after the initial installation and configuration
  • However, these do change when a company needs to add, relocate, dismiss, etc. an employee in which they would need to immediately contact you, thus giving you as an MSP, a valid excuse to make monthly phone calls to products.
  • These calls are a prime opportunity to nurture the client relationship and to potentially upsell the customer on new solutions and new features of existing solutions. The upselling becomes easier, and that’s a benefit itself.

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