300,000 Files Locked by Ransomware? No Problem for PCS and Datto

300,000 Files Locked by Ransomware? No Problem for PCS and Datto

By Chris Brunau

Pittsburgh Computer Solutions (PCS) is a managed services provider (MSP) that works closely with clients to ensure their businesses stay up and running, regardless of what cyber threat they may encounter.

For PCS, their backup and disaster recovery (BDR) vendor, Datto, has been a game changer according to David Deuerling, Chief Technology Officer. For starters, Datto provides PCS with greater flexibility and control over customer data. “Datto’s simplicity and ease of use are incredible. We can manage all our clients under a single pane of glass and easily monitor backups. We can tell if there are any errors, and log in remotely to fix any errors if necessary,” said Deuerling.

The partnership with Datto paid off especially well for PCS recently, when one of their clients, an accounting firm, had a nasty run-in with ransomware. Early one morning, the customer called PCS because they couldn’t access any of their files. PCS quickly diagnosed the issue and found the root of the issue: a phishing email clicked on by two employees at the firm had let ransomware into their systems, instantly locking over 300,000 critical business files.

To learn how PCS and Datto were able to survive the disastrous run in with ransomware, check out the full success story.

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