3 Reasons to Take Advantage of the CRM Capabilities of Your PSA

3 Reasons to Take Advantage of the CRM Capabilities of Your PSA

By Chris Brunau

How organized is your IT solution provider or managed service provider (MSP) business when it comes to working with your clients? Do you rely on information being distributed through informal communication within your team, or do you use a professional services automation (PSA) tool like Autotask for customer relationship management (CRM)?

Here are 3 key reasons you should utilize the CRM capabilities of your PSA.

Look Professional

Let’s be honest - clients aren’t very good at tracking the important details of their IT infrastructure. If you are lucky then your clients will keep software licenses in a shoebox in the Comms room - not very useful if your client needs this information for a workstation rebuild or an audit.

Your clients rely on you to be organised on their behalf. Using a PSA tool, you can scan and store their license details into a configuration so that when that info is needed - it’s one click away.

Don’t underestimate the benefits of appearing professional in front of your clients. It gives you an advantage over your less organized competitors.

Save Time and Money

Consider the scenario - one of your service desk engineers receives a telephone call from your client about installing a printer driver on her workstation for a new shared printer on the network. The engineer spends time diligently helping the client by searching the Internet, finding the correct software, downloading the printer driver to a shared location on the network, installing the driver on the workstation and resolving the issue.

While your engineer has helped your client, what would happen if a different employee at the same client telephoned the next day and gave the same request to a different engineer within your service desk? Would that engineer know where to find the driver that his colleague downloaded, or is it possible he would he repeat the time consuming process of discovery?

Having your engineers record their work in your CRM system allows your service delivery team to see their colleagues updates in real-time - making your service delivery more efficient, and saving you time and money.

Metrics That Matter

When you record the activities you undertake with clients within your CRM, you give yourself the option to report on those activities.

Which of your engineers are the most utilized? Which clients use the most time? Are your clients taking up too much of your time? Are they unprofitable?

Remember the old phrase “What can be measured can be managed” and ensure you measure your service delivery activities.


The CRM aspect of a PSA tool is powerful. Ensure that you record your service delivery activities in your CRM to enable you to be organized and look professional in front of clients, to save time and money, and to generate the metrics that can help you become an efficient, profitable MSP business.

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