3 Reasons MSPs Should Attend the Datto Roadshow in 2019

3 Reasons MSPs Should Attend the Datto Roadshow in 2019

By Eric Torres

The rapidly changing technology requirements of small to medium-sized businesses require a Managed Service Provider, more so than ever. Today’s MSPs are constantly on the front lines, tweaking their business models, offerings, vendor relationships, and partnering practices. The surefire way to remain abreast on all things Datto is to join us at one of our 50+ Roadshows this year in a city near you.

Are you a new Datto Partner or new to the MSP community in general? Maybe you’re not exactly aware of who Datto is yet, what we offer, or whether or not we should become Partners? Don’t fret, we have added a new bonus session just for you! Before every Datto Roadshow, we have added an optional Datto 101 crash course. In this one-hour session, we’ll start with the Datto basics, who we are, our product suite, and the first steps in your journey through our award-winning Partner Program.

We understand that your time is valuable. So why take a half day out of your busy schedule to join us? Here are the three reasons why the 2019 Datto Roadshow is a must-attend event:

Datto’s Family of Products are Growing

Over the past few years, the product offerings at Datto have grown significantly, with the MSP business model being at the forefront of each release. It all started with adding Backupify, a means to back up your clients critical SaaS data, keeping you in control of that data, no matter where it actually lives. A short time later, Datto added the fastest growing and most MSP-centric networking product line in the world, Datto Networking. In 2018, Datto joined forces with Autotask, bringing the MSP Business Management Tools, Autotask PSA, and the rebranded Datto RMM, with the goal being all about improving efficiency and productivity. During our Roadshow, we will dive into all of our products, showcasing the advancements we have made in the past 12 months.

Sales & Marketing Tools That Are Changing the Game

Datto prides ourselves in offering support. not just technical support, but business support. With Datto’s MarketNow, every Datto Partner’s free marketing automation platform, we can now confidently say we have the best Sales & Marketing tools available, from any of your vendors. Want to brand yourself as a business continuity expert? We are constantly updating marketing content that is as easy as tossing your logo on it and blasting it out, positioning yourself as such. Why invest the time and effort creating this content your own, when Datto already has prepackaged, fully customizable content, to use at your disposal.

Not only do we have the tools and content, but we also have event experiences that we can share and help plan. Want to put on a Lunch & Learn for your clients and prospects, utilizing our Marketing Development Funds? We have a team of people with plenty of experience in knowing what type of events or campaigns produces significant ROI, that will also come to your location and do the presentation as an extension of your Sales Team. Hands down, Datto’s has built the single best MDF Program in the Channel. Come learn all about it!

Learn Directly from Your Peers

Being an ex-Datto Partner myself, the most value I ever got out of any industry event, was learning from my peers. It’s one thing to listen to all that a vendor has to say and offer, however, sharing information and best practices with one of my peers, was always worth my time. At Datto, we stress this aspect of our events so much so that we bring a non-competing Datto Partner to every event, giving them the floor to share their story. This is your opportunity to pick the brain of somebody who is doing exactly what you’re doing, and learning about their successes, in not just offering Datto products, but all MSP services in general.  

These are just a few of many reasons why you should come see the Datto Team, and myself, at a Roadshow near you. Find out when we’ll be in your town and learn more about the agenda, the presenters and how to register, please check out the Datto Events page for detailed information. We’ll see you soon!

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