3 Helpful Tips for MSPs Trying to Sell SaaS

3 Helpful Tips for MSPs Trying to Sell SaaS

By John DeWolf

As an MSP, it’s important to not only know what you’re selling, but how to sell it. SaaS offerings may be be fairly new to many MSPs so below we’ve offered 3 tips outlining how an MSP should (and can) sell SaaS.

1. Explain that using SaaS is cost-effective

  • It solves the issue of having to run an entire IT department, as an MSP would handle the responsibilities that an IT department would
  • It is the perfect size for any company due to the ability to scale solutions, therefore SMBs do not have to worry about overpaying or overbuying any technology
  • All SaaS SLA’s, (Service Level Agreement), make guarantees about uptime, data ownership, scheduled outages—and they’ll back all these promises up with Service Credits. Any time a SaaS provider doesn’t meet their SLA, they’ll give you a number of days’ free access to the SaaS solution.
  • Describe the incredibly cheap and affordable features you can try out (i.e. being able to try out Google Apps for 30 days for only five dollars); On top of the trials being cheap, there’s little to no time commitment involved with SaaS

2. Assure the customer that they will still have control over their data

  • By offering cloud-based backup of SaaS data, you give your customers peace of mind that even though their data is in the cloud, a second copy is always accessible, no matter what.
  • SaaS backup can fix user error by reversing its damage by restoring the files that were deleted

3. Explain how the “Continuous Release” Cycle is efficient

  • Updated features are released individually over periods of time, rather than being released in expensive bundles that require an upgrade. This eliminates the MSP having to visit the client in person to install the hardware and/or software, which means it can be more time efficient for both the MSP and client
  • Eliminates the threat of “lock-in”, therefore the customer is able to upgrade easily to new features and updates

To read more on why and how you should sell SaaS as an MSP, click here to download our eBook filled with tips and information on what SaaS has to offer!

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