3 Capabilities MSPs Need To Win The Backup Wars

3 Capabilities MSPs Need To Win The Backup Wars

By Chris Brunau

When it comes to providing quality backup, business continuity, and disaster recovery as an MSP, it’s important to have these three major capabilities to Win The Backup Wars.

A single, unified architecture and management tools across all market segments

If you’re constantly working and reshuffling products from different vendors to deliver a full data protection platform, you’re going to lower your margins and set yourself up for error. With a single solution, you’re able to deliver every step of DRaaS without hiccups to customers of various sizes, physical or virtual.

Aside from your offerings, it’s important to have proper management. With a single interface, you can directly recover files, manage your backups, and get backup insights.

Daily visual email backup integrity confirmation

As we’ve mentioned in the past, what good is a backup if you can’t verify it’s success? Much like tape backups, where you aren’t really certain a backup was successful until you go to access that data, why would you rely on a backup without having automated verification?

With Screenshot Backup Verification™ and alerts, you will be notified immediately after your backup, and therefore be able to take any steps to fix erroneous backups. The screenshot alert can then be sent directly to the MSP as well as the client if desired, confirming the backup.

Backup insights provide further information giving you the ability to identify changes between backup points. You can also recover files and applications directly from the interface with very little information about when they file was lost. Users can intelligently track trends to see what files have been created, modified, or deleted.

Great Insourced Technical Support

MSPs can’t afford to waste time working with technical support when problems arise. Instead, it is important to have quality pre-sale and post-sales technical support. Preferably co-located with the backup solution vendors’ product management team, it can be as important to an MSP as the technical features of the solution itself. Even better? 24/7/365 tech support.

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