2019 Datto Partner Program Enhancements

2019 Datto Partner Program Enhancements

By Samantha Ciaccia

The Datto Global Partner Program is an important fundamental piece of our partnership that we continuously strive to enhance. The program is designed to support your ongoing business growth and celebrate your success through a variety of enablement programs, benefits, and incentives.  

Here are some exciting 2019 enhancements to the program!


Final Unification of Partner Programs - All Datto partners are now in one unified partner program, receiving the same benefits, resources, and support.

Global Select Vendor Program - Expanded list of 14 complementary vendors, with a global reach and brand new special offers for Datto partners, only. 

Nonprofit Pricing (US Only) - Discount program to support nonprofits by making SIRIS 3 products more affordable. 

MarketNow Content - Even more content and campaigns available, along with localized content for specific regions. 

Marketing Development Funds - Expanded MDF program to support your Marketing efforts through events to acquire new clients to expand end-user awareness.  

MSP Referral Program - For every successful MSP referral, we’ll send you a $1,000 bonus in your local currency.  

If you have any questions, please comment below or reach out to your Channel Account Manager.  On behalf of everyone at Datto, a huge thank you to our partners, and we look forward to helping you grow in 2019.

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