10 Questions With: Blake Dowling of Aegis Business Technologies — Tallahassee, FL

10 Questions With: Blake Dowling of Aegis Business Technologies — Tallahassee, FL

By David Weiss

In this new series for the Datto Blog, we shine the spotlight on our partners!

Hello, My Name Is — Blake Dowling, and I am the CEO of Aegis Business Technologies in Tallahassee, Florida. We have been in business for 23 years and are proud to call Florida home.

10 Questions With: Blake Dowling of Aegis Business Technologies — Tallahassee, FL
Blake Dowling, CEO of Aegis Business Technologies, second from left, with Datto team members for Hurricane Michael recovery operations.

How I Became an MSP — Great question, it was kind of a fall-head-first-into-it kind of thing. I started my career in the music business as an artist manager working with Sister Hazel and Dexter Freebish out of Atlanta. The next thing you know, I am a consultant for a break ’n fix tech company, and part of my job was to mold the firm into an MSP.

Our first step in this direction was literally sneaking into ConnectWise IT Nation back in 2008 and checking out a CharTec presentation. By the end of that year, we started the MSP train here at Aegis, and have not looked back.

Being an MSP Is Amazing Because — Getting to lead a team of complete winners every day is a thrill. We used to have a bunch of toxic and disruptive employees, like so many other firms. At some point I said, “Enough!” and made that an unacceptable part of the culture here in 2021.

Saving the day for our clients, bringing value to the table for our customers with cutting-edge solutions, and creating content with our blogs, videos, podcast, and columns each month is a blast.

Being an MSP is Tough Because — Cyber threats—ransomware is my (our) biggest headache.

Talking Tallahassee — We were the first Datto partner in the region. We like to think we are first-to-market with the best tools for the organizations that we serve.

Core Philosophy — Customer service is an attitude not a department, these are the soft skills we bring to every ticket we work. Plus, what other tech firm has a Podcast in our area?

Notable News — Broward County ransomware attack here in Florida this Spring; DDOS attack in Europe recently; Dell in the news.

My Craziest Day — Sitting at my desk last year, middle of the pandemic, we sent 90% of our staff home. We were running the logistics of the business with three people at HQ, phones blowing up, tickets stacked to the roof, people literally banging on the door asking for help with webcams/laptops, and I get an email from Florida Trend Magazine naming us to their top 100 places to work in the state of Florida! I laughed out loud and hammered through the day.

Last year was ugly, but you realize you are an essential business. The pandemic did not care one bit about us slowing down, as we had to be there every day for our clients—just like everyone reading this knows.

Where We’re Headed Next —

  • Becoming teachers and consultants
  • Evolving the NOC/SOC (Network Operations Center/Security Operations Center)
  • Bringing more and more cybersecurity solutions to the table as we all combat cyber threats.

Off Duty — I write a couple of business and technology columns here in Florida, and while that may not sound relaxing I love it. I also am obsessed with the University of Florida and everything about it, from football to my old fraternity.

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