10 Nerdy Valentine's Day Cards for IT Pros

10 Nerdy Valentine's Day Cards for IT Pros

By Katie Thornton

This Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to remember to show your appreciation for those in your life who do their best to ensure your technology is fast, your backups are secure and your wifi is strong: your IT professional or managed services provider (MSP). 

For those of you who may have forgotten about these essential figures in your life, fear not! Below is a list of PERFECT Valentine’s Day cards sure to make any IT guy or gal smile on this day of love. Enjoy!

1. Talk Nerdy to Me...

Talk Nerdy To Me

2. Let's Get Connected

Lets Get Connected

3. Yoda One for Me

Yoda One For Me

4.You Turn Me On

You Turn Me On

5. In the Game of Life, You Are My Player #2

Player Two

6. I Was Programmed to Like You

Progammed To Like You

7. Let's Play Doctor (Who...)

Lets Play Doctor

8. I Only Write Code in X's and O's

XO Code

9. My Love for You Has No Bugs

Love bug

10. Love Long and Prosper

Love and prosper

From everyone here at Datto, Happy Valentine’s Day! 

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