10 MSPeasy Tips for Marketing Success

10 MSPeasy Tips for Marketing Success

By Chris Brunau

What should you be thinking about as you develop a marketing program to help grow your IT services business? The most effective approach, and one which a greater number of MSPs are leveraging, is building a modern marketing program that incorporates both traditional and new marketing tactics.

Unsure where to begin? Look no further. We interviewed five great marketers from industry-leading MSP shops and pulled together their best advice for marketing success into a free guidebook for others to use to enhance their marketing programs.

These experts, including Brian Dunn, President of Epic Sky; Jason Horne, Co-Founder of Preferred It Group; Tracy Rock, Director of Marketing at Invenio IT; Jennifer Watkins, Marketing Manager for BlackPoint IT; and Vince Tinnirello, CEO of Anchor Network Solutions, have embraced modern marketing by leveraging every tool at their disposal to reach and attract new customers. Their strategies and tactics can be helpful as you build your MSP marketing plan.

To get you started, below is a sampling of some of the key tips we dive into in Marketing Made MSpeasy: The Ultimate Guide to Marketing IT Services:

  1. Blog, Blog, Blog – Create unique content and do it consistently – ideally a few times a week. Don’t hire a third party to do your blog. Content should be specific to your business and to the MSP industry.
  2. Get on social media and start sharing helpful information.
  3. Don’t be afraid to try new things. If it fails, it fails, but you won’t know if you don’t try.
  4. Use landing pages to gate longer format content like eBooks, but make sure the perceived value is worth visitors giving up their contact information.
  5. Don’t ignore partnering and networking with other businesses. Don’t forget about the human side of things.
  6. When you’re writing content, be human. Be conversational not “salesy.”
  7. Be Helpful – present yourself as the solution to your customers/prospects questions and problems. Make this the core of everything you do and they will flock to you.
  8. Be Specific. You can’t be everything to everyone. Find your sweet spot, where you have the right to win based on what your firm offers - your USP or point of differentiation.
  9. Be social. It’s a great way to stay top of mind—as well as aid in search. 
  10. Be patient, it doesn’t happen overnight. Use different tactics to see what works for you.

To learn more marketing tips for MSPs, download the full eBook here and start driving new business today. 

Marketing Made MSPeasy

In this eBook, Datto has pulled together a list of impactful marketing strategies for MPSs (from MSPs) looking to reach new prospects and attract new business.

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