The Cyber Security Made MSPeasy Toolkit

Tips + Templates for Total Data Protection - Take THAT Ransomware!

In the age of ransomware, it's time to step up the cyber security of your clients. The Cyber Security Made MSPeasy Kit contains tips, templates, technologies and best practices from leading MSPs who’ve experienced it all. This Kit contains 4 of our most downloaded eBooks, including:

  • FOR YOU:
    • Ransomware Made MSPeasy - The IT service providers guide to ransomware protection and recovery.
    • Datto’s Global State of the Channel Ransomware Report  - Findings from a survey of 1,400+ MSPs around the world on the ransomware epidemic and what you must do to stop it.
    • The Business Guide to Ransomware - An overview of ransomware for the non-tech savvy and advice for ensuring business continuity no matter what.
    • The Essential Cyber Security Toolkit for SMBs - Quick + easy tips for SMBs to up their cyber security game from the inside.

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