Solutions Squad Triumphs Over Smoke-Filled Offices

Solutions Squad Inc. is a managed service provider specializing in small business IT for various industries. Often, the team at Solutions will serve as the dedicated IT department for their clients, taking care of everything from network design to helpdesk support. They also specialize in providing backup solutions.

Recently, longtime property management client, Genet Property Group, found themselves evacuating their office mid-day. The VP of Operations at Genet immediately contacted David Moadab, Managing Partner at Solutions Squad, explaining that their office was filling with smoke.

Genet works on billable hours, which calls for a zero downtime. Their servers are business critical and being pushed out of the office halts them from processing payments, leases, and coordinating showings.

Upon hearing the news, Moadab remotely shut down the servers and workstations and drove directly to the Genet office. The VP of Operations’ initial question for him was, “Are we backed up?”. Upon hearing confirmation from Moadab, the VP was pleasantly surprised and relieved. He shared with Moadab that, through years of industry experience, he had never gotten that kind of positive response during a downtime situation.

Luckily, the smoke was not fire-related. A leaking AC unit was to blame. Genet was able to get back in the office after just two hours. Had that not been the case, Solutions Squad equipts Genet with remote access to workstations, so the business could have continued as usual albeit, remotely.

Solutions Squad provides Genet with complete business continuity through a Datto SIRIS. Prior to this, the team at Genet used tape backups. One of their reps would take the tape backups home each night, to ensure their data was safe. In comparison, Datto’s SIRIS device requires very little hand holding, which means a lot less data-related stress for both Genet and Solutions.

The reps at Genet work beyond the 9-5 grind, and Solutions Squad is an IT provider with a work ethic to match. Partnering with Datto, which provides 24/7/365 support, is a no brainer.

“Most companies give you a product and they say good luck, but with Datto that’s not the case. Their support goes above and beyond to solve any issues,” said Moadab.

On their relationship with Datto going forward, “It’s good to be working with a company that’s on the edge of technology innovation,” David concluded.

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