How Netology saved private equity hedge fund from Ransomware attack

Netology has been protecting the IT of small businesses across Connecticut, New York and New Jersey for over a decade. The company’s founder, Jamie D’Agostino, said the key to their success is their proven track record and dedication to client relationships.

Sierentz North America, a private equity hedge fund and Netology customer, has built a strong relationship with the IT service provider over the years. When the hedge fund fell victim to a ransomware attack, they quickly turned to them for help. Once Netology arrived on the scene, they found three infected computers within the Sierentz network. They isolated the infection and reverted to the company’s most recent backup. At the time, the hedge fund was relying on a rudimentary and manual backup solution that involved synchronizing files off-site, once a day. Fortunately, they didn’t suffer any data loss, but they were hit with several hours of downtime, which can be catastrophic for their business.

“In our industry, a few minutes can make a big difference,” said Stephen Grey, CTO of Sierentz. Although Sierentz made it through the attack without major damage, Netology knew they had to step up their customer’s backup and disaster recovery game.

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