Datto Webinar: Optimising your hiring

Selecting the right candidates is so critical, but it isn’t easy.

In fact, many small businesses list hiring as one of their biggest challenges. Having the right people in the right roles will positively impact your business, but how do you find them?

Today, the market is predominately candidate-driven, as the job openings are outpacing interested applicants. In March 2021, SEEK reported a whopping 75.1% year-on-year increase in job ads, resulting in the highest number of reported job ads in their 23-year history. However, they also reported the lowest application per ad rate since 2012.

As limited migration and the pandemic bounceback fuel the battle between businesses to attract top talent, its important to separate yourself from the competition. This session will arm you with practical tips to help optimise your hiring strategy, whether you’re making your first for 50th hire! You’ll gain insights into fine-tuning your job ads and learn how to rethink your job advertising strategy so you can leverage your unique employer brand and broaden the talent pool.