Datto and Ever Nimble: Helping customers sleep at night

Ever Nimble is an MSP based in Australia and the UK. When it launched in 2018, the team set themselves a goal to partner with the top vendors in the industry to deliver best services to their customer base, prioritising cybersecurity for the dangerous online world businesses face today. Fast forward three years, Ever Nimble is the single fastest growing MSP in the world, as recognised by The Channel Futures MSP 501, and its partnership with Datto, formed on day one, has played a key role in its success.

Ever Nimble’s team of 39 staff service over 150 businesses with a combined 2,500 endpoints across industries including mining, finance, marketing, recruitment, healthcare, and not-for-profits, right across the globe. To do this, it needs solutions which can be implemented quickly and remotely anywhere in the world, and relies on Datto as an extension of its own team to deliver them.

Ever Nimble CEO Chris Morrissey explains; “When we were deciding on the tools and tech we wanted to employ, we agreed we wanted something that would let us sleep at night. To protect our customers’ data, we want a robust disaster recovery system that’s low effort and low risk, and Datto absolutely delivers on that.”

Implementing Datto Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) at speed

Ransomware protection is a huge concern across all industries in 2021, with Ever Nimble regularly being called on by customers and non-customers to provide guidance, support, and solutions for cybersecurity. One hesitation shared by prospective customers is fear of lost productivity or downtime while new infrastructure is implemented. However, as Ever Nimble knows, the potential downtime following a ransomware attack or breach can be exponentially worse; and with Datto on hand, implementation can be completed in the blink of an eye.

Datto’s RMM solution provides best-in-class IT monitoring and management at scale. The technology and security are managed and controlled by Datto directly, and Datto provides analysis and automation across the product suite, which allows MSPs like Ever Nimble to get more out of the tools and provide better services to customers.

By providing technology which can be leveraged out of the box, Datto also enables Ever Nimble to deliver lightning quick implementation. “Our previous solution would have required multiple in-house developers working for at least two years to achieve what Datto RMM delivered to us in a week. We were able to implement wide ranging changes across our customer base in a matter of days, including switching antivirus providers overnight for over 2,500 endpoints across the globe.”

Ever Nimble was recently called on by a small business following a ransomware attack where hackers encrypted 30 years worth of data. In response, Ever Nimble rolled out Datto’s product suite, replaced all computers, firewalls, and moved applications from onsite servers to the cloud, getting the business back up and running within a week.

Morrissey recalls, “After we implemented Datto’s suite, our customer told us how they felt safe for the first time, and realised a breach could have been avoided entirely had Datto and Ever Nimble’s systems been implemented to begin with.”

By deploying an RMM solution with a focus on automated monitoring and management of servers, Datto’s predictive and proactive analysis allows Ever Nimble to flag potential issues for clients before they arise, rather in response. This allows Ever Nimble and its entire customer base to sleep at night without worrying whether their data is secure.

Re-educating executives on the value of investment

In the MSP space, there are two key costs to consider: Cost of the product, and cost to support the product. In many value propositions, the latter is neglected, but Ever Nimble realises that ongoing support is the most important component, and Datto plays a critical role in that space.

“We’ve been very impressed by the support team at Datto, and know we can call on them in case of disaster, which lowers our effort and costs to support. We don’t need to staff our own response team; we can instead turn to Datto’s disaster support in the rare case we need it. This, in conjunction with its automated service means we can keep ongoing support costs low, and quality of protection high.”

Ultimately, Ever Nimble aims to re-educate executives on how to appropriately determine the value of cybersecurity solutions.

“So many MSPs still have the hours conversation around value. Nobody has come to us to say you’re not spending enough time working on us, because we prioritise delivering value through products and services, and managing them to be effectively used.”

With Ever Nimble and Datto, value is based on protection and services provided, not on hours spent.

An engineer’s playground

As an Australia based tech company, Ever Nimble has faced challenges in recent years with the technology skills gap in the local job market. This is another area in which Datto supports. Ever Nimble aims to hire and develop talent from diverse backgrounds, often recruiting staff straight out of university or from changed career paths. With Datto providing a simple, easy to manage, intuitive system, training staff on the platform is a simple process, while Datto’s integrated platform means systems and processes are consistent across all products. This allows Ever Nimble’s team to learn on the job and effectively support customers from day one.

Ever Nimble’s staff also love working with Datto. When discussing unexpected bonuses which came from implementing Datto RMM, Morrissey was quick to answer, “Staff happiness. Our staff are tech people first and foremost, so they like the latest and greatest tech, which means they love Datto. Datto’s product looks cool, it’s easy to use and it’s incredibly intuitive.”

Ever Nimble’s previous provider was cumbersome and slow, resulting in engineers needing 10 minutes to remote into a computer before they could start work. In emergency situations, Ever Nimble knows this is crucial time they cannot afford. “With Datto, we’re in, we’re quick, we’re helping customers straight away, and it just makes our engineers happy having good technology and tools.”

From staff morale to best-in-class RMM and lightning-fast implementation speed, Datto and Ever Nimble’s partnership provides customers with everything they need to sleep soundly every night, knowing their data is secure.

About Datto

Datto is an innovative provider of comprehensive backup, recovery, and business continuity solutions used by thousands of managed service providers worldwide. Datto’s 180+ PB purpose-built cloud and family of software and hardware devices provide Total Data Protection everywhere business data lives. Whether business data is on-prem in a physical or virtual server, in the cloud, or in SaaS applications, only Datto offers end-to-end recoverability and single-vendor accountability. Learn more at www.datto.com.

About Ever Nimble

Ever Nimble is an award-winning provider of IT services around the world. The company’s global team provides honest and smart advice to help its clients to thrive. They connect teams, improve processes and ensure reliable infrastructure for all clients, taking the time to understand each business and its individual needs. Ever Nimble takes a holistic approach to technology use, helping clients to get the most from their investment in information technology. Using plain English, they connect with customers, care about their success, and enjoy their work.