Datcom & Datto Team Up to Support Manufacturer’s IT

Datcom, an Australian managed services provider (MSP), has been supporting the IT needs of local small and midsized enterprises (SMEs) since its founding in 1997. The daily operations at Datcom revolve around one mission for their customers: to transform IT from a headache to a key driver of business growth. Datcom specializes in networks & systems integration, professional services, IT procurement, solutions architecture, cloud computing, and managed services.

Before Datto, Datcom was partnering with a number of different backup vendors. They were backing up customer data on Nas boxes and then replicating it to secondary Nas boxes. National Sales Manager, Rube Sayed, described this process as cumbersome. When a disaster recovery scenario occurred, their customers often experienced long periods of downtime.

About six months ago, Datcom decided to partner with Datto, and they haven’t looked back since.

“A single solution with both local and cloud backup options made Datto right for us. You can’t beat the ease of use that comes with the technology,” explained Sayed.

While the size of the companies Datcom works with vary, much can be said for the care and service they devote to the smaller companies they are supporting.

Albright & Wilson, a leading manufacturer and supplier of phosphates, turned to Datcom for a huge portion of their IT needs. The company employs 80 staff members, with their Senior Systems Engineer, Mark Hardiman, serving as their in-house IT guru.

Hardiman’s daily IT priorities include desktop support, cloud services, server management, telecommunications, and network connectivity to name just a few. As the company continues to grow, it’s not surprising that Hardiman’s IT responsibilities will grow as well.

“Security, downtime, disaster recovery, speed of restore, and offsite storage are among the biggest challenges I have to worry about,” explained Hardiman.

By turning to Datcom for their backup and disaster recovery needs, Hardiman can focus more on the day-to-day IT activities taking place at Albright & Wilson.

“So far, I’m very happy with the solutions that Datto and Datcom supply! It gives me great peace of mind as the Datto solutions are flawless and perform exactly as I expected when sourcing the solution,” explained Hardiman.

With the support of Datcom and Datto, Hardiman can put more focus on his day-to-day IT operations that make business possible at Albright & Wilson.

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