Build Vs. Buy: Calculate the TCO of BDR

As an MSP you don’t just need revenue. You need profits. And profits can be hard to come by in today’s intensely competitive tech solutions market. But how do you decide between building your own BDR solution and buying a single, complete solution from one vendor? To help answer that question, we’ve created a profitability checklist, which can help you calculate the economics of a build-your-own vs. a complete BDR offering. Learn more about the total cost of ownership when it comes to BDR.

Download today and calculate the following:

  • Cost: How expensive is it to deploy and operate your backup solution, given the solution’s total capabilities and features?
  • Value: What does the solution offer (unique, functionality, reliability, support, etc.) that makes it valuable to you and your clients?

Download today and determine the best backup solution for your business.

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