ASEAN MSPs are key to customers’ data protection

Conducted by global technology analyst firm Canalys, the study underscores that MSPs in the ASEAN region play an increasingly crucial role in protecting their Small and Medium Business (SMB) customers from the growing frequency of cyber-attacks.

ASEAN is a hot spot for both cyber-attacks and MSPs.

400 million personal data records were compromised in the last 3 years.

279 million records stolen and leaked in Indonesia in the first seven months of 2021.

In April 2021, 3.07m Facebook users’ personal data was leaked in Singapore.

With the rise in cloud adoption and accelerating digital transformation by SMBs, demand for MSPs continues to accelerate. The number of IT providers with managed services revenue is growing, with approximately 18,400 partners across Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Revenue growth for MSPs rose 19% in 2020, equivalent to US$4.05 billion.

Download the report to understand the five key trends MSPs must understand to continue this growth, all of which demand continuous improvement in cybersecurity standards and resilience, both by MSPs and their customers.