Avoiding Downtime Down Under

For an MSP to offer proper business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR), selling just backup is no longer enough.

Ask Robert Marsden, CEO and founder of Addictive Technology Solutions in Queensland, Australia. Addictive specializes in providing managed IT and electronic security solutions to small and medium size businesses.

Thanks to Marsden’s partnership with Datto, he doesn’t sell only backup, but instead sells peace of mind through business continuity.

“[Before] working with Datto, we were dealing with multiple vendor products to ensure adequate backup strategies were in place for our clients. This resulted in relying on multiple systems all functioning correctly to ensure data and systems could be recovered. This, naturally, resulted in nervous waits when data was needed or unnecessarily complex restores,” said Marsden.

With an all-in-one solution, bolstered by technology like Screenshot Backup Verification, Addictive Technologies takes the guessing game out of BCDR.

“Now that we have implemented Datto, we know that the restores are happening and being tested daily by the Screenshot technology. We also have the power to choose the granularity we need from file and folder selection to full bare metal recovery as needed. Naturally, we all sleep a lot better now,” said Marsden.

A proper BCDR not only offers peace of mind for the end user, but for the MSP as well.

According to Marsden, “Datto is the first vendor we have been able to fully migrate all of our clients’ infrastructure and our own data centre infrastructure to. Prior to Datto, we had multiple products in place with no integration into our RMM tool. Now we have full integration into Autotask, as well as a single pane of glass to look through for all our clients and their backups.”

With Datto being 100% channel-focused, Marsden has all the support, tools and resources he needs to solve problems for his clients.

“The partner support has been excellent, in particular the RoundTrips were incredibly fast and effective. We have been really impressed with speed of service from a US-based company for an Australian client. The partner portal offers a single pane of glass for all my backups [and] houses an impressive range of sales material and training,” said Marsden.

Another plus for Marsden was the integration with Autotask. “Integration with Autotask was a deal sweetener. It makes monitoring systems a breeze with automatic support tickets for any backup issues,” said Marsden.

Now that we have implemented Datto, we know that the restores are happening and being tested daily by the Screenshot technology…naturally, we all sleep a lot better now.
Robert Marsden

Success With Datto

For Marsden, Datto is the first product he’s seen that can recover environments instantly on the appliance in front of the customer. This offers comfort for both him and the customer. It eliminates the “we hope it will do the job when it counts.”

When it comes down to being a successful MSP, Marsden said it all comes down to trust.

“You will not be in the MSP game for long without trust from your clients. This means, not only the ability to provide the right advice the first time, but making sure your clients’ businesses are as operationally efficient as they can be and have adequate business continuity plans in place so that they remain a client for a long time,” said Marsden.

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