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SIRIS All-in-One Backup & Recovery

SIRIS all-in-one data protection is the only one designed from the ground up for the MSP. From backup to cloud recovery, SIRIS gives MSPs the power to protect anything and restore anytime.

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SIRIS is a fully featured total data protection platform delivered in a single integrated package.

3-2-1 Backup as easy as 1-2-3

Automated, verified backups stored locally and in the secure Datto Cloud are an MSPs best defence for protecting their client’s data. Features like Inverse Chain Technology™ that make every incremental backup a recovery point and Cloud Deletion Defense™ which undos accidental or malicious backup deletion ensure MSPs are ready to address any recovery scenario.

Instant Recovery for Minimal Downtime

SIRIS can recover from any downtime scenario reducing both client downtime and the pressure MSPs face when every second counts. From file level restore to instant virtualisation of an entire system to bare metal recovery, SIRIS gives MSPs the flexibility to recover data anytime, anywhere.

Cloud First, Cloud Best

The immutable Datto Cloud is the cornerstone of SIRIS, providing a secure offsite means to store backup snapshots and to also recover data. The Datto Cloud is geographically distributed for safety and data sovereignty. Exabyte scalability and multiple security layers make the Datto Cloud the smart choice for recovery.

Single Pane of Glass Cloud Based Management

Monitor and manage your entire SIRIS fleet via the secure, multi-tenant cloud Datto Partner Portal.

Raising the Bar for Security and Reliability

Datto SIRIS backup snapshots are replicated to the secure Datto Cloud for off-site storage and recovery. With industry-best availability and multiple layers of security, the Datto Cloud gives MSPs peace of mind knowing that their client data is safe.

Reliable Backups

Our proprietary Inverse Chain Technology combats the high failure rates associated with traditional incremental backups to deliver more resilient protection and efficient storage management.

Built-In Ransomware Detection

All backups are scanned for ransomware and backup chains are resilient against ransomware attacks.

Automated Data and Boot Verification

Datto eliminates the need to worry whether the system will boot or be recoverable by verifying the backup is good before disaster strikes.

24/7 Global Cloud Infrastructure

All data is replicated to the secure Datto cloud, giving you the ability to immediately get back up and running

SIRIS Integrates With Datto RMM

Manage your entire BCDR fleet directly from Datto RMM

Fast Restore Options For Any Scenario

No matter what the disaster is, Datto SIRIS protects your data and contains a whole host of features to get your clients back up and running rapidly.

Power of Virtualisation

Fast failback allows you to minimise downtime by virtualising the server and automatically copying new data to the production device once the BMR has finished.

Rollback and File Restore

Rapid rollback allows you to restore file systems to working order, without needing to reimage the entire device. If you only need to recover a handful of files, you can leverage the Direct Restore Utility, which enables users to pull files from any Windows device using iSCSI.

A Complete Business Management Platform

Deployment Flexibility

Physical, virtual, and imaged deployment options.

The Datto Partnership

Datto Partner Programme benefits, sales and marketing support, DR testing, and more.

Image Based Updates

Significantly reduce errors in the update process and create consistency across the entire fleet of active Datto devices.

Infinite Cloud Retention

Keeps data in the Datto Cloud indefinitely.

Backup Insights

Exclusive technology enables users to identify file or application changes between any two backup points.

NAS Guard

Datto devices can mount other network storage devices, and automatically schedule and copy data from the other devices to the Datto device. Once under the NAS Guard umbrella, this data is protected.

No Certification Required

Add BCDR to your set of services without wasting time by cobbling together individual technologies. The product works right out of the box with minimal setup and configuration.

Integration with Critical MSP Business Tools

RMM, PSA, documentation, and more.

24/7/365 Direct-to-Tech Support

Our certified experts are available to help every step of the way and offer DR assistance.